Tuesday, March 04, 2008

Box Break and Review: 2008 Topps Heritage

One Hobby box of 2008 Topps Heritage (Paid $62)
24 packs per box, eight cards per pack (MSRP $2.99)

The Details

One Stamped 1959 Buyback (1:2 boxes)
One of Advertising Panel (one-per-box)

Base Set: 500 cards
Short Set: 425 cards
Short Prints: 75 cards (1:3)
Black Backs: 110 cards (one-per-pack)

Chrome: 100 cards (1:8, numbered to 1959)
Chrome Refractors: 100 cards (1:29, numbered to 559)
Black Bordered Chrome Refractors: 100 cards (1:315, numbered to 59)

New Age Performers: 15 cards (1:15)
Then & Now: 10 cards (1:15)
Baseball Flashbacks: 10 cards (1:12)
News Flashbacks: 10 cards (1:12)

Clubhouse Collection Relics: 40 cards (production varies)
Clubhouse Collection Dual Relics: five cards (1:5582)
Flashback Stadium Relic: 10 cards (1:162)
Dual Flashback Relic: five cards (1:55,000)
Real One Autograph: 46 cards (1:247)
Real One Special Edition: 46 cards (1:835)
Real One Dual Autograph: 10 cards (1:6869)
Flashback Autograph: 10 cards (1:14,900)
Clubhouse Collection Auto Relic: 10 cards (1:6875)
Flashback Auto Stadium Relic: five cards (1:22,100)
1959 Cut Signatures: 10 cards (1:98,200)

*Odds of finding an autograph or game used card: 1:24

The Pulls

1 1959 Harvey Kuenn Buyback
1 A-Rod, Huston Street, M. Grudzielanek Advertising Panel

Base Set: 156 of 500 (31.20%)
Short Set: 148 of 425 (34.82%)
Short-Prints: 8 of 75 (10.67%) R. Freel, J. Peavy, F. Lopez, B. Giles, M. Owings, J. Contreras, O. Husdon All-Star, J. Beckett All-Star
24 Black Backs

3 Chrome: B. Penny, T. Hudson, M. Ordonez
1 Chrome Refractor: J. Isringhausen
1 Black Bordered Refractor: A-Rod

24 sticks of gum
1 New Age Performers: M. Holliday
1 Then & Now: D. Drysdale & J. Peavy
2 Player Flashbacks: E. Banks, M. Mantle
2 News Flashbacks: Alaska, Antarctica

1 Real One: S. Podsednik (Redemption)

The Review

I'm going to keep this short and sweet.

Things I like about 2008 Topps Heritage
  • The design
  • The one-per-box every-other-box buybacks
  • Fewer short-prints
Things I don't like about 2008 Topps Heritage
  • Fewer cards than 1959 Topps
  • The one-per-pack black-back variations
  • The advertising panel chiptoppers
Things I really, really like about 2008 Topps Heritage
  • No mirrors
  • No Mickey Mantle overload
Product Rating: 4 Gumsticks (out of five)


Anonymous said...

Can you save some of this year's A-Rod parallels for us! The buy-backs aren't one-per box because I opened a hobby box last week and didn't get one. I did get a dual-relic, so it's all good.

dayf said...

Ha! Ha! Your redemption card is shittier than mine! Ya beat me on the buyback card and the advertising panel though.

Steve Gierman said...

Even though dayf thnks your redemption is shitty, I think it's OK. Just as long as Topps doesn't airbrush Podsednik into a Rockies uniform.