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Derek Jeter Wantlist

Derek Jeter Wantlist
UPDATED: 5/6/22


Stadium Club Crystal Ball: CB14


Circa: 65
Leaf Preferred Staremaster: 3
Pinnacle Project Stardom: 2
Score Diamond Aces: 11
Select Certified Select Few: 2
Stadium Club: 123


Circa Limited Access: 7
Collector's Choice New Frontier: NF29
Collector's Choice Toast of the Town: T19
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch: 11
Flair Showcase Row 0: 2
Flair Showcase Diamond Cuts: 12
Flair Showcase Hot Gloves: 6
Leaf Banner Season: 14
Leaf Statistical Standouts: 12
Leaf Gold Stars: 7
Metal Universe Platinum Portraits: 4
New Pinnacle Keeping the Pace: 9
New Pinnacle Interleague Encounter: 6
Pinnacle Home/Away: 17 18
Pinnacle Certified Team: 3
Pinnacle X-Press Melting Pot: 19
Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works: 5
Score Stand and Deliver: 9
Select Rookie Revolution: 2
SP Inside Info: 17
SP Game Film: GF6
SPx Bound for Glory: 13
Stadium Club Millennium: M1
Stadium Club Pure Gold: PG19
Stadium Club Patent Leather: PL 13
Studio Master Strokes: 1
Studio Hard Hats: 13
Totally Certified Platinum Red: 51 141
Topps Hobby Masters: HM18
Topps Awesome Impact: A17
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH1
Topps Gallery Photo Gallery: PG6
Ultra Fame Game: 7
Ultra Starring Role: 9
Upper Deck Blue Chip Prospects: BC2
Zenith V2: 7
Zenith Z-Team: 7


Circa Limited Access: 8LA
Circa Rave Reviews: 9RR
Collector's Choice Stick 'Ums: 19
Donruss Production Line OBP: 20
Donruss Crusade: 32
Donruss Days: 12
Donruss Elite Craftsmen: 8
Donruss Preferred: 9
E-X 2001 Destination Cooperstown: 13
Finest Mystery Finest (Arch): M19
Finest Stadium Starts: SS7
Finest the Man: TM9
Flair Showcase Row 1: 14
Flair Showcase Row 0: 14
Leaf Statistical Standouts: 23
Leaf Rookies & Stars Greatest Hits: 9
Metal Universe Titanium: 9T
Metal Universe All-Galactic Team: 9AGT
Metal Universe Platinum Portraits: 7PP
Pinnacle Epix Game: E8
Pinnacle Epix Moment: E8
Pinnacle Epix Season: E8
Pinnacle All-Star Epix: E8
Pinnacle Inside Behind the Numbers: 14
Score Complete Players: 3A
Score First Pitch: 7
Score Rookie/Traded Star Gazing: 8
Select Selected Samples: 8
SP Authentic Sheer Dominance: SD41
Sports Illustrated: 148
Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous: T2A T14A
Studio: 163
Studio Freeze Frame: 2
Studio Masterstrokes: 12
Topps Mystery Finest Bordered: M8
Topps Gallery Pre-Production: PP4
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH2
Topps Gallery Photo Gallery: PG3
Topps Gold Label Class 3: 3
Topps Stars 'N Steel: 18
Ultra Diamond Producers: 6
Ultra Diamond Immortals: 10DI
Ultra Prime Leather: 6PL
Ultra Ticket Studs: 11TS
Ultra Win Now: 6WN
Upper Deck Amazing Greats: AG2
Upper Deck Blue Chip Prospects: BC15
Upper Deck Clearly Dominant: CD2
Zenith: 18


Black Diamond Dominance: D2
Black Diamond Mystery Numbers: M8
Bowman Chrome Diamond Aces: DA13
Bowman Chrome Impact: I16
Bowman's Best Franchise Best Mach I: FB6
E-X Century Favorites for Fenway '99: 7FF
Finest Peel and Reveal Sparkle: PR7
Finest Team Finest Blue: TF16
Flair Showcase Row 1: 22
Flair Showcase Measure of Greatness: 7
Fleer Brilliants Shining Stars: 4SS
Fleer Mystique: 26
Metal Universe Diamond Soul: 4DS
Metal Universe Planet Metal: 6PM
Metal Universe Linchpins: 7LP
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion: 42F
Skybox Molten Metal Xplosion: 142
Skybox Premium Soul of the Game: 4SG
Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation: 12IN
SP Authentic Reflections: R18
SPx Dominance: FB13
SPx Star Focus: SF18
Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous: T4A T9C
Topps Gallery: 109
Topps Gallery Heritage: TH9
Topps Gallery Exhibitions: E12
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH5
Topps Gold Label Class 2: 22
Topps Stars 'N Steel: 34
Topps Stars Galaxy: G7
UD Ionix: 78
UD Ionix Cyber: C8
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ8
UD Ionix HoloGrFX: HG8
Ultimate Victory Ultimate Competitors: U6
Ultimate Victory Frozen Ropes: F4
Ultra Damage Inc.: 5DI
Ultra Thunderclap: 6TC
Ultra Diamond Producers: 10DP
Upper Deck Encore Upper Realm: U12
Upper Deck Ovation Curtain Calls: R10
Upper Deck Ovation Major Production: S16
Upper Deck PowerDeck Time Capsule: R4
Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School: S30


Bowman's Best Franchise 2000: F7
Bowman's Best Selections: BBS5
E-X E-XCeptional Red: 2XC
E-X E-XCiting: XT7
Finest For the Record: FR1A FR1B
Finest Going the Distance: GTD3
Fleer Gamers Change the Game: 4CG
Fleer Mystique High Praise: 4HP
Fleer Showcase License to Skill: LS6
Skybox NSCC: 3
SP Authentic Cornerstones: C4
SPx Untouchable Talents: UT6
Stadium Club 3X3 Luminous: 6B
Stadium Club Chrome Clear Shots: CS1
Stadium Club Chrome True Colors: TC4
Topps Gallery Exhibits: GE21
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH10
Topps Gallery Heritage: TGH17
Topps Gold Label The Treasury: T2
Topps HD Image: HDI3
Topps Stars Walk of Fame: WF6
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ8
Ultimate Victory Diamond Dignitaries: D10
Ultra Crunch Time: 5CT
Ultra Talented: 2
Upper Deck 2K Plus: 2K3
Upper Deck People's Choice: PC3
Upper Deck PowerDeck (inserts): 8
Upper Deck Hitter's Club Eternals: E6
Upper Deck Hitter's Club On Target: OT8
Upper Deck MVP Prolifics: P3
Upper Deck Pros & Prospects: 125


Donruss "1999" Retro Diamond Kings: 5
Donruss Elite Primary Colors Red: PC-5
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers: PN-5A PN-5B PN-5C
E-X Extra Innings: 10XI
Finest: 100
Fleer Derek Jeter Legacy Collection: 1 2 3 4 5 10 12 14 15 16 19 20 21
Fleer Futures: 72
Fleer Futures Hot Commodities: 3HC
Fleer Monumental Moments: MM3
Fleer Premium A Time for Heroes: 6TH
Fleer Showcase: 106
Fleer Showcase Awards Showcase: AS1 AS2
Stadium Club Beam Team: BT6
Topps Fusion: 57
Topps HD: 1
Topps HD Game Defined: GD2
Topps Heritage Black Back: 11
Ultra Fall Classics: 14FC


Diamond Kings DK Originals: DK-10
Diamond Kings T204: RC-6
Donruss Elite All-Star Salutes: AS10
Donruss Originals All-Stars: AS-25
Donruss Originals Hit List: HL-5
E-X Derek Jeter 4X Champ: 1DJ 2DJ 3DJ 4DJ
E-X HardWear: 3HW
E-X Hit and Run: 2HR
FanFest: 1
Fleer Diamond Standouts: 2DS
Fleer Premium Diamond Stars: 2DS
Fleer Premium Legendary Dynasties: 34LD
Fleer Premium On Base!: 9OB
Fleer Tradition This Day in History: 13DH
Fleer Tradition Update This Day in History: U24TDH
Fleer Tradition New York's Finest: 10NYF
Studio Spirit of the Game: SG-4
Studio Masterstrokes: MS-23
Ultra Glove Works: 2GW
Ultra Fall Classic: 22FC
Upper Deck: 233
Upper Deck Superstar Summit II: SS12
Upper Deck UD Plus Hobby: UD40


Diamond Kings Heritage Collection: HC-17
Donruss Elite All-Time Career Best: AT-26
Donruss Elite Career Bests: CB-16
E-X: 79
E-X: Behind the Numbers: 1BN
E-X Diamond Essentials: 6DE
E-X Emerald Essentials: 10EE
E-X X-tra Innings: 7
Finest: 10
Fleer Box Score Press Clippings: 1PC
Fleer Platinum MLB Scouting Report: 30MSR
Fleer Tradition Black & White Goudey: 2B/WG
Fleer Tradition Hardball Preview: 2HBP
Fleer Tradition Update Long Gone!: 18LG
SP Authentic: 91 139
SPx: 83
Studio Spirit of the Game: SG-9
Topps All-Stars: TAS9
Ultra Back 2 Back: 1B2B
Ultra When it Was A Game: 1WG
Upper Deck Magical Performances: MP36


Donruss Production Line AVG: PL-AVG-8
Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best: 1
Fleer Showcase Grace: 2
Fleer Showcase Hot Gloves: 1
Topps Heritage: 425
Topps Total Total Topps: TT1
Ultra Diamond Producers: 8DP
Upper Deck Magical Performances: MP5 MPP6 MP26 MP27


Donruss All-Stars: ALAS-4
Donruss Inside View: 8
FanFest: 4UD
Finest: 125
Fleer Patchworks Property of ...: 19
Leaf Gold Stars: GS3
Leaf Sportscasters: 10
SP Authentic Honors: SH-DJ
Studio Portraits: SP-2
Topps Hobby Masters: HM5
Topps Gallery Gallo's Gallery: DJ
Topps Heritage: 400
Topps Total Total Topps: TT-DJ


Fleer Showcase: 125
Fleer Showcase Hot Numbers: HN-9
Fleer Showcase Hot Gloves: HG-9
Fleer Showcase WBC Classic Moments: CM-45
Fleer Tradition 1934 Goudey Greats: GG99
Topps 2K All-Stars: 1
Topps Allen & Ginter's Postcards: DJ
Upper Deck All-Upper Deck Team: UD2
Upper Deck Diamond Debut: DD11
Upper Deck Ovation Nation: ON-DJ
Upper Deck Ovation Superstar Theater: ST-DJ


FanFest: 1
Finest Rookie Finest Moments: RFM-DJ
Fleer Soaring Stars: SS-DJ
Ultra Feel the Game: FG-DJ
Upper Deck: 844


Finest: 124
Upper Deck Derek Jeter Chronicles: DJC2 DJC3 DJC6 DJC9 DJC10 DJC11 DJC12 DJC14 DJC15 DJC16 DJC18 DJC19 DJC20
Upper Deck Derek Jeter O-Pee-Chee: DJ1 DJ2 DJ3 DJ4 DJ5 DJ6 DJ7 DJ8 DJ9 DJ11 DJ12 DJ13 DJ14 DJ15
Upper Deck Mr. November: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 14 15


O-Pee-Chee 1979-80 Retro: RM30
O-Pee-Chee Face of the Franchise: FF30
O-Pee-Chee New York, New York Multi-Sport: MS-4
Topps Turkey Red: TR77
Topps Chrome World Baseball Classic Rising Stars: 2
Topps Heritage: 487
Upper Deck: SP3
Upper Deck O-Pee-Chee Preview: OPC-38
Upper Deck StarQuest Silver: SQ-6
Upper Deck Stars of the Game: GG-DJ
Upper Deck Update Generation Now: GN18


Finest: 14
Topps Legends Gold Chrome Refractor: GC7
Topps Legends Platinum Chrome Refractor: PC17
Topps Allen & Ginter's Mini Celestial Stars: CS4
Topps Heritage Color Gimmicks: 215
Topps Heritage Dice Game: 215
Upper Deck Supreme Green: S-31


Finest Foundations: FF15
Finest Moments: FF15
Topps FanFest Diamond Anniversary: 4
Topps Twinks: 330
Topps Black Diamond Wrapper Redemption: 54
Topps Diamond Die-Cuts: 151
Topps Glove Leather: MGL-DJ
Topps Ruby Red: THP2
Topps Sapphire Blue: WHP2
Topps Lineage: 2
Topps Lineage Cloth Stickers: TCS2
Topps Opening Day TTOD25


Finest: 5
Faces of the Franchise: FF-DJ
Topps Gimmicks: 30
Topps Golden Moments Die-Cuts: GMDC-34
Topps Allen & Ginter's Baseball Highlights Cabinets: BH1
Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts: DD-DJ
Topps Heritage Color Swap Gimmicks: 20


Finest 93 All-Stars: 93AS-DJ
Finest Masters: M-DJ
Panini Prizm Band of Brothers: BB28
Pinnacle Clear Vision Single: CV1
Pinnacle Skylines: SK1
Pinnacle The Naturals: N1
Pinnacle Z-Team: Z5
Topps Chasing History: CH60
Topps Updates Gimmicks: 2
Topps Archives Retail Chase: RC-DJ
Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes: GH-DJ
Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys: MT-DJ
Topps Archives Triumvirate: 5B
Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts: DY-DJ
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 190
Topps Heritage 1964 Bazooka: 64B-DJ
Topps Heritage 1964 Giants: 64G-DJ
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS5


1989 Bowman is Back Black Diamond Refractor: 89BIB-DJ
Donruss Elite Dominators Series Two: 8
Donruss The Elite Series Series Two: 11
Finest 1994 Finest: 94F-DJ
Finest Sterling: TS-DJ
Panini Prizm Chasing the Hall: 1
Panini Prizm Top of the Order: 10
Topps Before they Were Great: BG28
Topps Spring Fever: 50
Topps Update World Series MVP Patch: WSP-DJ
Topps Archives: 50
Topps Archives '69 Deckle Minis: DJ
Topps Chrome All-Time Rookies: 89TC-98
Topps Chrome Connection: CC-DJ
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 433
Topps Heritage Throwback Gimmicks: 433
Topps Heritage 1965 Bazooka: 65B-DJ
Topps Heritage 1965 Embossed: 10


Finest Careers Die-Cut: FC1 FC2 FC3 FC4 FC6 FC7 FC8 FC9 FC10
Topps Gimmicks: 1
Topps Baseball Royalty: BR24
Topps Chrome Culminations: CUL-DJ
Topps Heritage 1966 Punchboards: 66P-7


Topps 1987: 87-194
Topps Memorable Moments: MM31
Topps Salute: S-200
Topps Archives Gimmicks: 300
Topps Archives Derek Jeter Retrospective: DJ1 DJ5 DJ16 DJ19 DJ20 DJ23


Topps Gimmicks: 576
Topps Derek Jeter Highlights: DJH1 DJH2 DJH3 DJH4 DJH6 DJH7 DJH11 DJH12 DJH14 DJH16 DJH17 DJH19 DJH20 DJH22 DJH23 DJH24 DJH25 DJH26 DJH27 DJH 28 DJH30
Topps Update Gimmicks: US250
MLB Postseason Logo Patch: PSL-DJ
Topps Archives: 200
Topps Archives Gimmicks: 200
Topps Archives Rookie History: 93-98


Topps Legends Gimmicks: 215
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball: 150-26
Topps Faces of the Franchise: FOF-19
Topps Greatness Returns: GR2
Topps Historic Through Lines: HTL22
Topps Iconic Card Reprints: ICR-19 
Topps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Patch: AMP-DJ
Topps Update 150 Years of Professional Baseball: 150-80
Topps Update Perennial All-Stars: PAS17


Topps Update Gimmicks: US257a US257b US257c
Topps Update 20 Years of the Captain: YOC-98 YOC-99 YOC-00 YOC-05 YOC-07 YOC-09 YOC-11


Topps Gimmicks: 242 561a 561b
Topps 1986: 86B-98 86AS-41
Topps 70 Years of Topps Baseball Series Two: 70YT-2
Topps Double Headers: TDH-24
Topps Stars in Service: SIS-11
Topps Through the Years: TTY-4
Topps 70th Anniversary Logo Patches: 70LP-DJ
Topps Update Gimmicks: 115a 115b
Topps Update 1986: 86B-36

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