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Greg Maddux Wantlist

Greg Maddux Wantlist
Updated 4/21/24

Base Cards

1995 Stadium Club: 425
1997 Topps Stars: 17
1998 Flair Showcase Row 0: 13
1998 SPx Finite: 171
1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 72
1999 Topps Stars: 51
2000 Impact: 192
2000 Upper Deck Legends: 122
2001 Fleer Focus: 47
2001 UD Reserve: 91
2002 Bowman's Best: 60
2002 Fleer Focus JE: 135
2002 SPx: 170 (GU)
2002 Upper Deck MVP: 151
2003 Finest: 82
2003 SP Authentic: 128
2009 Topps Tribute: 57
2014 Topps Archives: 214


2009 Topps Legends: 600 (ATL)
2011 Topps Legends: 505
2021 Topps Update Legends: US134


1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection: 244



Fleer Fruit of the Loom: 39


Sportflics 2000 All-Star FanFest: 9


Pinnacle All-Star FanFest: 21
SP Special FX: 29
Sportflix Double Take: 12


Flair Hot Gloves: 6
Leaf Limited Pennant Craze: 6
Leaf Preferred Staremasters: 8
Pinnacle Skylines: 3
Select Claim to Fame: 2
Select Certified Select Few: 6
Sportflix Double Take: 5
Summit Positions: 6


Collector's Choice New Frontier: NF36
Flair Showcase Diamond Cuts: 10
Fleer Diamond Tribute: 6
Fleer Zone: 10
Leaf Statistical Standouts: 7
New Pinnacle Interleague Encounter: 7
Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works: 10
Score Stand & Deliver: 2
SP SPx Force: 5
SPx Cornerstones of the Game: 3
Stadium Club Patent Leather: PL5
Studio Master Strokes: 12
Ultra Diamond Producer: 6
Ultra Fielder's Choice: 12
Ultra Staring Role: 7
Upper Deck Amazing Greats: AG11


Donruss Crusade: 55
Donruss Days: 14
Donruss Elite Back to the Future: 7
E-X 2001 Destination Cooperstown: 5DC
Finest Mystery Finest Wave: M26 M28 M30
Finest The Man: TM20
Flair Showcase Perfect Ten: 5 PT
Fleer Tradition Zone: 10 Z
Pinnacle Inside Behind the Numbers: 12
Pinnacle Plus Team Pinnacle: 12
Score Loaded Lineup: LL10
Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous: T9b
Studio Masterstrokes: 16
Ultra Diamond Producers: 8DP
Upper Deck Clearly Dominant: CD18
Upper Deck Unparalleled: 13
Upper Deck Special FX Power Zone OctoberBest: PZ10
Upper Deck Special FX Power Zone Superstar XCitement: PZ7


Black Diamond Mystery Numbers: M11
Finest Peel & Reveal Sparkle: PR6
Fleer Mystique Established: 4
Fleer Tradition Date with Destiny: 5DD
Metal Universe Diamond Soul: 6DS
Metal Universe Linchpins: 5LP
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion: 36F
Skybox Molten Metal Oh Atlanta: 22
Skybox Premium Intimination Nation: 9
Skybox Premium Show Business: 10SB
UD Ionix Cyber: C4
UD Ionix HoloGrFX: HG4
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ4
Ultra Diamond Producers: 7DP
Upper Deck Encore Upper Realm: U9
Upper Deck Retro Old/New School: S7


UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ7
Upper Deck Faces of the Game: F13


Fleer Showcase Awards Showcase: AS14
Stadium Club Beam Team: BT10


Donruss Originals Making History: MH3
Donruss Originals On the Record: OR-7
Fleer Golden Memories: 8GM
Fleer Focus JE K Corps: 7KC
Fleer Premium Diamond Stars: 20 DS
Studio Diamond Collection: DC-12


E-X Behind the Numbers: 12 BN
Fleer Platinum MLB Scouting Report: 27 MSR
Fleer Tradition Black/White Goudey: 15B/W G
SP Authentic Superstar Flashback: SF7
Topps Red Backs
Topps Total Total Topps: TT6


Flair Hot Numbers: 27HN


Diamond Kings Masters of the Gane: MG-4
Fleer Club 3000: 4 CLUB
Studio Portraits: SP-70


Flair Showcase Hot Gloves: HG-11
Fleer Tradition Goudey Greats: GG-31
Upper Deck Diamond Debuts: DD-74


Upper Deck Cooperstown Calling: CC-GM


Upper Deck 1975 O-Pee-Chee: OPC-22


Topps Manufactured Glove Leather Nameplates: MGL-GM


Pinnacle Clear Vision Wins: CV23


Topps Class Rings: CR-30
Topps Framed 2000 Gold Label: GL-1


Topps Commemorative Patch Pins: CPP-03
Topps First Home Run Medalliions: FHRM-GM


Topps Team Logo Pin: TLP-GM


Topps MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Logo Patch: ASL-GM
Topps New Era 1987: 87T-11


Topps Update 70 Years of Topps Baseball: 70YT-1
Topps Opening Day Legends of Baseball: LOB-9

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