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Albert Pujols Wantlist

Albert Pujols Wantlist
UPDATED 4/6/24

Base Cards

2001 Bowman Heritage: 351
2001 Donruss Elite: 156
2001 Fleer Focus: 245 (/999)
2001 Fleer Futures: 224
2001 Fleer Platinum: 301 521
2001 Fleer Showcase: 121
2001 Fleer Triple Crown: 309
2001 SP Authentic: 126
2001 Studio: 191
2001 UD Reserve: 204
2001 Ultra: 277
2001 Upper Deck E-Volution: 92
2002 Bowman's Best: 50
2002 Fleer Focus JE: 50
2002 Upper Deck Vintage: 162
2003 E-X: 81
2003 SPx: 111
2003 Studio: 185
2003 Topps Gallery: 90
2004 Donruss: 398
2004 Finest: 100
2004 Fleer Showcase: 86
2009 O-Pee-Chee: 100
2009 Topps Tribute: 91
2010 Topps National Chicle: 301
2011 Finest: 25
2017 Finest: 107



Fleer Platinum Winning Combinations: WC3 WC10 WC34 WC38


Diamond Kings DK Originals: DK-5
Diamond Kings T-204: RC-15
Donruss Longball Leaders: LL-18

E-X HardWear: 7HW
Fleer Rookie Sensations: 2RS
Fleer Focus JE Blue Chips: 1BC
Fleer Focus JE Kings of Swing: 3KC
Fleer Focus JE Larger than Life: 19LTL
Fleer Focus JE Materialistic: 13M
Fleer Platinum Cornerstones: 4CS
Fleer Premium On-Base!: 16ob
Fleer Triple Crown RBI Kings: 3RK
Studio Diamond Collection: DC-18
Topps Archives Future Rookie Reprints: 10


Diamond Kings DK Evolution: DK-23
E-X X-Tra Innings: 2XI
Fleer Platinum Heart of the Order: 16HO
Fleer Platinum MLB Scouting Report: 20MSR
Fleer Tradition Update Milestones: 6MS
Studio Masterstrokes: MS-2
Topps 205 Triple Folders: TF-81


Donruss NL All-Stars: NL-AS-9

Donruss Craftsmen: C-15
Donruss Inside View: IV-3
Donruss Production Line: PL-AVG-7 PL-OPS-1 
Flair Hot Numbers: 8HN
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 7CC
Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best: 7BB
Fleer Showcase Grace: 12SG
Fleer Showcase Hot Gloves: 9HG
Fleer Showcase Pujols Legacy Collection: 1L 2L 5L 6L 10L
Fleer Tradition Retrospection: 8
National Trading Card Day: DP-1
Topps Heritage Double Headers: 3-4
Ultra HR Kings: 2HK


Donruss NL All-Stars: AS-1
Donruss Craftsmen: C-1
Donruss Production Line: PL-BA-5 PL-OPS-1  
Fanfest: 6
Fleer Patchworks By the Numbers: 20BTN
Fleer Patchworks Property of ...: 26PO
Fleer Showcase Measures of Greatness 1MG
Fleer Showcase Swing Time: 11ST
Leaf Certified Materials Preview: LC-1
SP Authentic Honors: SH-AP
SP Collection of Stars: CS-AP
Topps Gallery Gallo's Gallery: GG-AP
Topps Gallery Heritage: GH-AP
Topps Heritage Logo Variation: 31
Ultra Home Run Kings: 4HK
Upper Deck World Series Heroes: WS41


Fleer Team Fleer: TF1
Fleer Tradition Goudey Greats: GG-25
Topps Pre-Production: PP3
Topps Walmart: WM31
Topps Allen & Ginter's N43: N43-3
Topps FanFest: 3
Ultra Star: US-3
Upper Deck Amazing Greats: AG-AP
Upper Deck SportsFest: MLB-3


Fleer Soaring Stars: SS-AP
Topps Allen & Ginter N43: N43-AP
Upper Deck Cooperstown Calling: CC-AP
Upper Deck Goudey Sport Royalty: SP-AP


Finest Moments: FM-APU
Topps T-205: TCP-1
Topps Opening Day Flappers: FC-AP


O-Pee-Chee Face of the Franchise: FF7
O-Pee-Chee The Award Show: AW10
Topps Allen & Ginter's N43: N43-AP
Topps Heritage Gimmicks: 250
Topps Heritage Mayo: WME-AP
Topps Heritage High Number 2009 Flashbacks: FB-06
Topps Heritage High Number Then & Now: TN-7
Upper Deck Goodwin Champions Preview: GCP-10
Upper Deck 1975 O-Pee-Chee: OPC-1
StarQuest: SQ1
Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1: 35-46


Topps Legends Gold Chrome Refractors: GC15
Topps Allen & Ginter's Mini Celestial Stars: CS10
Topps Heritage Color Gimmicks: 1
Topps Opening Day Attax


Finest Foundations: FF-01
Topps Twinks: 100
Topps Diamond Die-Cut: DDC-100
Topps Glove Manufactured Leather Nameplates: MGL-AP
Topps Ruby Red: THP-1
Topps Commemorative Patch: TLMP-AP TLMP-AP2
Topps Allen & Ginter's N43: N43-AP
Topps Lineage 1964 Giants: TG1


Topps Gimmicks: 331a
Topps Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome: GMDC-41
Topps Allen & Ginter's N43: N43-1
Topps Heritage Color Swap Gimmick: 290


Finest 1993 Finest All-Stars: 93AS-AP
Finest Masters: M-AP
Pinnacle Z-Team: Z2
Topps Out of Bounds Gimmicks: 350
Topps Archives Retail Chase: RC-AP
Topps Archives 1988 Stadium Club Triumvirate: 1b
Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes: GH-AP
Topps Archives Mini Tall Boys: MT-AB
Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts: DY-AP
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 470


Topps Twinks: 625
Topps 2000 Topps Gold Label Framed: GL-3


Donruss Production Line: 15
Topps Gimmicks: 600
Topps First Home Run Series 2: FHR-27
Topps Update Sabermetric Gimmicks: US68
Topps Allen & Ginter NSCC Die-Cut: AGX-20
Topps Chrome Culminations: CUL-AP


Topps 42 Uniform Gimmicks: 500
Topps MLB Debut Medallions: MDM-AP
Topps Laser: TL-AP
Topps Heritage Black Team Name Gimmicks: 481
Topps Heritage 1967 Bazooka: 67B-AP


Topps Gimmicks: 380
Topps Independence Day MLB Logo Patch: IDML-AP
Topps Update Heroes of Autumn: HA-5


Topps Gimmicks: 582a 582b
Topps Update Jackie Robinson Day Commemorative Patch: JRP-AP
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-AP


Bowman Chrome AFL Alumni: AFLA-AP
Donruss Highlights: H2
Topps Gimmicks: 437
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball: 150-78 150-110 150-130
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball Greatest Moments: GM-17
Topps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Patch: AMP-AP
Topps 2018 Topps Now in Review: TN-9
Topps Greatness Returns: GR-25
Topps Stars of the Game: SSB-93


Topps Gimmicks: 497a 497b
Topps 1985 Topps Baseball: 85-3
Topps Decades' Best Series Two: DB-81 DB-86
Topps Update Gimmicks: U267


Topps 1986 Topps Baseball: 86B-93
Topps 70 Years of Topps Baseball: 70YT-46
Topps Update Gimmicks: US200a US200b

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