Saturday, August 30, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Dave in Michigan

Dave sent me 93 cards. Unfortunately, I only needed sixteen of them.

OBTW, all cards that I receive that I do not need/want automatically go into the prize pool. This is in addition to whatever I can come up with for the grand prize. Right now there are 101 cards in the prize pool.

Card #1 1995 Studio Albert Belle

In 1995, Albert Belle became baseball's first 50-50 man: 50 HRs, 50 2Bs. Somehow, this was not MVP-worthy. (One Point)

Card #2 1996 Pinnacle Aficionado Charles Johnson

Aficionado was one of dozens of one-off products Pinnacle would release in the last few years of their life -- most of them, about as pointless as Aficionado. (One Point)

Card #3 1998 Bowman's Best Kevin Brown

Remember when Bowman's Best was actually collectible? (One Point)

Card #4 2001 Topps Before There Was Topps Honus Wagner

The theme behind the BTWTs is what Topps cards might have looked like if they had in the baseball card business back in the day. I have a feeling that if Topps was in the baseball card business back when Honus Wagner was playing, instead of making a card of Wagner, they'd pull a gimmick.

Come on, you know they would. It's Topps we're talking about. They'd list Wagner on the initial checklist of 1908 Topps series two but pull the card from production at the last minute without ever telling anyone, then issue a stealth card of Wagner in his World Baseball Classic uniform. (Five Points)

Card #5 2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers Gallery Cy Young
Card #6 2001 Upper Deck Hall of Famers 20th Century Showcase Cy Young

2001 UDHOF was one of the first of the retired-player themed sets. As the name suggests, all of the players in the set were Hall of Famers. (10 Points)

Card #7 2006 Topps Wal-Mart Roger Clemens

As previously mentioned, the 2006 Topps Wal-Mart insert is similar to this year's Trading Card History set. This particular Roger Clemens card is done in the style of '86 Topps. (Five Points + Five Point Bonus)

Cards #8-#10 2007 Ultra Iron Man (#s 29, 35 & 45)

While last year's Ultra SE sucked, there's one good thing that UpperFleerDeck did. Unlike the base cards, all of the non-parallel, non-autogamer, SE inserts are indentical to the ones in retail. With so many Joe Collector's ripping deep-discounted leftover waxboxes of Ultra SE, lots and lots of Ultra inserts are making their way onto the secondary market, at deep-discounted prices. (15 Points)

Card #11 2008 Upper Deck The House That Ruth Built #11

For those who continue to ask; yes, Upper Deck was allowed to make Babe Ruth cards this year. (Five Points)

Cards #12-#16 Five 2008 Upper Deck StarQuests

Dave sent me 33 different StarQuests of different colors -- including a pair of (scratched) SuperRare Prince Fielder's. Unfortunately, I'm only collecting the Commons, and of those, I only needed the ones of Ryan Braun, Travis Hafner, Derek Jeter, Albert Pujols and ManRam. (25 Points + 25 Point Bonus)

Grand Total: 98 Points

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: James O'Donnell

James in Sanford, FL sent me over forty cards, and as per the rules of this contest only the best 20 will be counted. Those that won't count are:

Two 1991 US Playing Card Baseball All-Stars of Carlton Fisk and Scott Sanderson
21 1993 Bowman commons
Three 1994 Donruss commons of Chad Curtis, Wes Chamberlain, and Tony Fernandez
Two 1994 Donruss Special Editions of Chuck Knoblauch and Charlie Hayes

Card #1 1993 Leaf Gold Rookie Darrell Sherman (Five Points)

In 63 ABs for the '93 Padres, Sherman hit .222 with zero HRs and 2 RBI. Was out of baseball by '96.

Card #2 1993 Ultra Award Winners Terry Pendelton (Five Points)

No, this didn't commemorate his 1991 NLMVP; rather it was his Gold Glove he won in '92.

Card #3 1993 Ultra Home Run Kings Dave Hollins (Five Points + Five Point Bonus)

My, my, my has the game changed. Dave's 27 HRs was good enough to finish fourth in the NL in 1992.

Card #4 1994 Flair Infield Power Matt Williams (Five Points)

From around 1994 to 1997, Matt was in just about every Fleer insert set -- or so it seemed.

Card #5 1994 Ultra Hitting Machines John Olerud (Five Points)

Ordinarily, any card of C-3POlerud would be a shit card. But this is the last card I need to complete my '94 Ultra Hitting Machines insert set.

Card #6 1994 Ultra All-Rookie Team Jeffery Hammonds (Five Points)

Jeffery was one of many early-90s college superstars who just never lived up to expectations in the Majors.

Cards #7-11 1995 Ultra Award Winners of Tom Pagnozzi, Matt Williams, Barry Larkin, Marquis Grissom, and Darren Lewis (25 Points)
Cards #12 & #13 1995 Ultra All-Stars of Barry Larkin and Ivan Rodriguez (10 Points)


Card #14 2005 Topps Heritage Then & Now Clem Labine/Mariano Rivera (Five Points)

Another one from the my, my, my, how the game has changed department: Clem led the Majors in saves with 19 in 1956 -- that's a good month for K-Rod.

Card #15 2006 Fleer Tradition Blue Chip Prospects Chuck James (Five Points)
Card #16 2006 Fleer Tradition Grass Roots Ryan Howard (Five Points)
Card #17 2006 Fleer Tradition Diamond Tributes Felix Hernandez (Five Points)

2006 Fleer Tradition was a product I never quite understood. I don't think Upper Deck got it either.

Card #18-#20 2008 Upper Deck commons of Chin-Lung Hu (RC), Heath Phillips (RC), and Reds team checklist (Three Points + Three Point Bonus)

Three cards closer to completing the best set of 2008.

Grand Total: 96 Points

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

If you actually believe that this isn't a gimmick, I have a bridge in Brooklyn I'd like to sell you.

I suppose that it's apropos that on the day my boycott of Topps begins its fourth month, that this story breaks.

I don't know how Trader Crack and the Orlando Sentinel found this out before I did, but Topps has come up with an explanation regarding the Kosuke Fukudome Bowman Chrome "error" card.

Recall, that this is the KosFu card that appears to have been designed for Fukudome to autograph as A) it has no facsimile autograph on the front; B) the "CERTIFIED AUTOGRAPHED ISSUE" logo that has been on just about every Topps autographed card for the last decade is printed on the front, and C) a white box with the words "NOT VALID WITHOUT STICKER" is on the reverse side. Of course, there is no autograph on the card.

(The "Not Valid" box is where the now-familiar black hologram sticker Topps uses for authentication purposes on autographed cards and some gamers. If you have one of these cards and peel off the sticker you'll see the "NOT VALID" phrase.)

The party line is that Topps "inadvertently inserted a Bowman Chrome Kosuke Fukudome Autographed Rookie Card (which is not autographed) into packs of the recently-released 2008 Bowman Chrome Baseball. A total of 1900 copies were issued. Fukudome is not a subject on the Autographed Rookie Card checklist nor was he ever solicited as one."

If all this is true, then it begs these questions: If Topps never had intended to include an autographed KosFu BowChro card, why did they produce a card that appears to have every intention of being autographed by KosFu? And why did this card magically appear in packs of BowChro? And why did Topps wait until two weeks after BowChro's release to notify The Hobby about this card? And how do they know exactly how many packed out?

I'm taking this card out of the "Honest Mistake" column and into the "Bullshit Gimmick" one.

(Images lovingly ripped off from the Orlando Sentinel)

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

People really win in the Trade Me Something-A-Ruther contest!

Have you sent in your entry yet? What are you waiting for! You have until September 1st!

Can you beat Tom Harrington's 238 points?

In the meantime, here's a look at some of the parting gifts you might receive courtesy of TMS-A-R contestant Tom the Ripper.

(I swear, all Tom wanted was Charlie Manuel cards.)

Friday, August 22, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Pat in Charlottesville


Pat sent me 24 cards. Fortunately (or unfortunately) four of the cards were shit cards. This means that all other 20 cards will count.

Shit cards: Four 2008 Upper Deck First Edition Green StarQuests

While StarQuests are the shit, only real StarQuests count in this contest.

Card #1 & #2 Two 1991 Donruss commons.

These cards were on the top and bottom of the stack, and the intent was to use these Mike Fitzgerald and Tim Belcher cards as filler. Fair enough, but I already have both of these. (Zero Points)

Cards #3-#6 Four 1993 Score commons.

These cards of Delino DeShields, Greg Vaughn, Donovan Osborne, and Eric Wedge are ones that I actually need. (Four Points)

Card #7 2001 Topps Noteworthy Mike Piazza
Card #8 2001 Topps Before There Was Topps Babe Ruth

2001 Topps was probably the last really good Topps flagship set. (10 Points)

Card #9 2001 Upper Deck The Franchise A-ROD

A-ROD was indeed the Rangers' franchise player in '01. (Five Points)

Card #10 2002 Topps Mike Rivera

An indistinguishable base card of an indistinguished "Prospect." (One Point)

Card #11 2003 Upper Deck John Lackey

Whoops! I already have this card! (Zero Points)

Card #12 2003 Topps Record Breaker series one Ron Guidry
Card #13 2006 Topps Own the Game Chad Cordero

Well, they are on my wantlist! (10 Points)

Card #14 2006 Upper Deck Team Pride David Ortiz

You know what really pisses me off? Insert cards that aren't sequentially numbered, but rather have the player's initials on the back. (Five Points)

Card #15 2008 Topps Campaign '08 Fred Thompson

I don't think there's ever been a Presidential candidate who's wanted the White House less, than Thompson. (Five Points)

Cards #16-#18 Three 2008 Topps Own the Game

Cards of Matt Holliday, Prince Fielder, and Carlos Lee star in this annual Topps insert staple. (15 Points)

Cards #19 & #20 2008 Upper Deck StarQuest Ken Griffey, Jr. and Vladimir Guerrero

The only real StarQuests are the one in the real Upper Deck baseball. (10 Points + 10 Bonus Points)

Final Score: 75 Points

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Tom the Ripper

The man with the most unique pack break videos on YouTube has sent in his entry. Here's his twenty.

Card #1 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best David Cone

If you think 1988 D'Russ was bad, imagine it with orange borders. That's 1988 Donruss Baseball's Best. They don't call this "Halloween Set" for nothing. (One Point)

Card #2 1996 Finest Chipper Jones

Sorry, I already have this card. (Zero Points)

Card #3 1996 Pinnacle Denny's Frank Thomas

Upper Deck wasn't the only company in the 90s with hologram cards. (Five Points)

Card #4 1997 Invincible Mike Piazza

I guess it was inevitable. Our first card from a shit set. (-One Point)

Card #5 1998 Score All Score Team Tony Gwynn

Again, another card I already have. Check the wantlists, jerky. (Zero Points)

Card #6 1999 Invincible Derrek Lee

Memo to future TMS-A-R contestants: Anything made by Pacific is shit. (-One Point)

Card #7-#9 A Trio of 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck CD-ROMs

PowerDeck is a set that's a lot like 2001 Donruss: So bad, it's good. Greg Maddux, Pudge Rodriguez, and Jose Canseco are the CD-ROMs that were sent. (15 Points + 15 Point Secret Set Bonus)

Card #10 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck Powerful Moments A-ROD CD-ROM

Wrap your minds around this: A CD-ROM insert card. (Five Points + Five Point Secret Set Bonus)

Card #11 1999 Upper Deck PowerDeck Auxiliary Greg Maddux

The PowerDeck Auxiliaries were the plain-paper "base cards" in this product. (One Point)

Card #12 2000 Upper Deck PowerDeck Mark McGwire CD-ROM

I completely forget that UD made this set again in 2000. (Five Points)

Card #13 2006 Fleer Lumber Company Miguel Tejada
Card #14 2006 Fleer Smoke 'n Heat John Smoltz

God I miss Fleer. (Ten Points)

Card #15 2006 Ultra RBI Kings Hideki Matusi
Card #16 2006 Ultra Diamond Producers David Wright

Like I said, God I miss Fleer. (Ten Points)

Card #17 2006 Upper Deck Player Highlights David Ortiz

You can't go wrong with Big Papi. (Five Points)

Card #18 2006 Upper Deck Speed to Burn Scott Podsednik

This guy completely fucked up my fantasy team last year. (Five Points)

Card #19 2006 Upper Deck Special F/X Star Attractions Josh Beckett.

At first I thought this was from the regular Upper Deck product. Then I flipped it over and saw the refractor-like sheen and knew it was from Special F/X (a.k.a. Upper Deck Chrome). You all know how I feel about chrome. (-Five Points)

Card #20 2007 Upper Deck 1989 Reprints Reggie Jackson.

Hey look, it's a card of Reggie Jackson in his old California Angels uniform! (Five Points + Another Five Points because this is such an awesome card)

Grand Total: 85 Points

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

For the final time...

This is a legit error card.

This is a gimmick card.

And this... The jury is still out on.

Got it? Good.

Monday, August 18, 2008

1st Impressions: 2008 Upper Deck Update

Upper Deck will finish off their flagship baseball card set with a 200-card Update set.

So what, you say. OK, here's the cool part: UD is going old school by issuing it exclusively as a factory set. In other words, its an update set the way an update set should be.

But wait, there's more! Each set will be packaged in a custom-fit box big enough to fit the whole 1000-card set.

Upper Deck Baseball is truly "The Collector's Choice."

Street Date: November 4th.

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Don Sherman

Don Sherman of Arkansas send me a package with 32 cards. Since he sent in his package before I posted the first of these, he also qualifies for the double bonus.

Don sent me 32 cards so I'm not counting his twelve worst cards. Which are...

Three 2004 Topps Heritage singles
Two 2004 Upper Deck singles
Six 2006 Topps Heritage singles
A 2006 Upper Deck single of Ted Lilly that I already had.

And with that, here's his twenty...

Cards #1-#4 Four 1992 Donruss The Rookies Phenoms.

These are just any ordinary DTRPs. Oh no. These cards of Brian Jordan, Frank Seminara, John Valentin, and Wil Cordero were only available in jumbo packs.

Betcha didn't know they made jumbo packs of '92 DTR. You learn something everyday. (Twenty Points + Twenty Point Secret Set bonus.)

Cards #5 & #6 1992 Pinnacle Team 2000's of Ray Lankford and Eric Karros

These too were only available in jumbo packs, or "Superpacks" as Pinnacle called them. Unlike DTR, Pinnacle made their jumbos more available. (Ten Points)

Card #7 1992 Pinnacle Slugfest Ron Gant

Slugfest was exclusive to Wal-Mart packs. Even back in '92 card companies made Wally World exclusive inserts. (Five Points)

Cards #8-#13 Six 1992 Score 90's Impact Players

EVEN MORE JUMBO EXCLUSIVE INSERTS! These are of Chuck Knoblauch, Brent Mayne, Scott Cooper, Andy Mota, C-3POlerud and Lance Dickson. (30 Points)

Card #14 1994 Topps BlackGold Randy Johnson

A cool card from Topps' first stab at inserts. (Five Points)

Card #15 1995 Score Dream Team Gold Matt Williams

Why aren't they making hologram cards anymore? (Five Points)

Card #16 1995 Studio Ruben Sierra

Ah yes, '95 Studio. The infamous "credit card" set. A bad card, from one of the worst baseball card sets ever made. But I need it for my set. (One Point)

Card #17 2004 Flair Barry Zito

Speaking of one of the worst baseball card sets ever made..... (One Point)

Card #18 2004 Upper Deck 25 Salute Jay Gibbons

The theme behind this insert, was ten players who all wore "25." Looking at the checklist, you can't get any worse than Jay Gibbbons. (Five Points)

Card #19 2004 Upper Deck Matsui Chronicles #11

A massive hero worship insert that was exclusive to retail packs. (Five Points)

Card #20 2006 Topps Heritage New Age Performers Ichiro

You can't go wrong with a guy who wears his first name on the back of his jersey (Five Points)

An impressive 112 points, doubled to 224. Good enough for a strong second place.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Video Box Break and Review: 2008 Upper Deck Goudey Blaster

One Blaster box of 2008 Upper Deck Goudey (paid $19.97)
Eight packs per box, eight cards per pack.

For the Record: This is the Blaster box I did a pack-akkake with on APAD.

The Pulls

Base Set: 61 of 330 (18.48%)

Short Set: 57 of 200 (28.50%)
1 SPs: A. Kaline
1 U.S. Presidents: G. Cleveland
0 1936
2 Sport Royalty: A. Pujols, Bitter Gordie

2 Red Backs: 1936 A. Pujols, Sport Royalty Chutley
1 Blue Back: Sport Royalty J. Evans

Inserts: NONE

2 Yankee Tedium Lunacy

Autogamers: NONE

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Thomas Harrington

Thomas from Illinois is a guy I've traded with before, and he sent me this package. Like John before, Thomas will get the double-point bonus.

Just a reminder; if you're interested in participating in this gimmick contest, drop me a line.

Card #1 2006 Fleer Tradition Grass Roots Albert Pujols

This is off to a good start (Five Points).

Card #2 2006 Upper Deck Inaugural Images Tomoya Satozaki

Starting catcher for Japan in the '06 WBC. He plays for Bobby Valentine's Chiba Lotte Marines in NPB (Five points).

Cards #3 & #4 2006 Topps Wal-Mart inserts of Carlos Zambrano and Mickey Mantle

These are the first two cards from this set I've ever owned, and it's kind of like the Trading Card History in this year's Topps. The Zambrano is done in the style of '92 Topps and the Mantle is based on the 1970 set. I like these cards so much, I'm unilaterally declaring them a Secret Set. (Ten Points + Ten Point Secret Set bonus)

Card #5 2007 Bowman Fred Lewis

Fred Lewis is quietly putting up decent numbers. Too bad this is only a base card. (One Point)

Card #6 2007 Fleer Perfect 10 NL Chipper Jones

Decent insert, from a greatly-missed product. (Five Points)

Card #7 2007 Topps Allen & Ginter N-43 Ryan Zimmerman

How the hell are you supposed to store these things without damaging them? Any suggestions? (Five Points)

Card #8 2007 Topps Heritage Chris Coste

Some guys (like Coste) were born to play in Philadelphia, and others just aren't. I'm looking right at you, J-Roll. (One Point)

Card #9 2007 Topps Heritage Then & Now Ted Williams & Joe Mauer

This may be the only time Teddy Ballgame and Joe Mauer will ever be on the same card again. (Five Points)

Card #10 2007 Topps Heritage Flashback Stan Musial

This card commemorates Stan Musial's 3000th base hit -- which was a pinch hit. (Five Points)

Card #11 2007 Upper Deck Goudey Reggie Jackson (SP)

This card shows Reggie (not surprisingly) as a Yankee. The thing is, he only played five of his 21 seasons with them. I'd like to see a Reggie Jackson Oriole card, for once. (Two Points)

Card #12 2008 Topps Heritage Then & Now Ernie Banks & A-Rod

Both players led the Majors in RBI. (Five Points)

Cards #13 & 14 2008 Upper Deck Hot Commodities Derek Jeter and Tim Lincecum

There are way too many pack/retailer-exclusive inserts in UD this year. (10 Points)

Cards #15 & #16 2008 Upper Deck Star Attractions John Maine and Jonathan Papelbon

Like I said, there are way too many pack-exclusive inserts in UD this year. (10 Points)

Cards #17-20 2008 Upper Deck StarQuest (Common)

Hanley Ramirez, Frank Thomas, Big Jim Thome, and David Wright are the SQ's. This is one of my favorite inserts of '08. (20 Points + 20 Point Secret Set Bonus)

Despite not sending a single serial-numbered card, the four StarQuests boosted Thomas' final score to 238 points (119 points doubled). He takes over the lead from John.

Saturday, August 16, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: John from Old School Breaks

The first two entries in my TMS-A-R contest came in the mail this afternoon. I received one from Thomas Harrington of Illinois, but first, this package from John Holland of John's Old School Breaks.

Because these two guys had the courage to send in their packages first, I'm giving them both a double points bonus. It pays to be an early bird.

With a name like Old School Breaks, I'm expecting a lot of "Old School" cards. Let's get cracking.

#1 1997 SPx Bound for Glory Mark McGwire (/1500)

1997 was back when SPx was still somewhat collectible. Seven Points

#2-20 Nine different 1998 Flair Showcase "Row 1" base cards

Livan Hernandez, Tony Gywnn, Paul Molitor, Travis Fryman, Gary Sheffield, Edgardo Alfonzo, Raul Mondesi, Fred McGriff, and Bernard Gilkey. 18 points

#11-13 Three different 1998 Flair Showcase "Row 0" base cards

These three base cards are all serial numbered: Sheffield, Mike Lieberthal, and Jim Edmonds. 12 points

#14 1998 Flair Showcase Wave of the Future Travis Lee

Waves of the Future were made of a thick clear plastic that had a glitter-enhanced oil embedded into the card. Trippy. Bonus points for a secret set card.

Five points + another five for being from a "secret set."

#15 1998 E-X 2001 Cheap Seat Treats Tony Clark

This card is die-cut to look like an old stadium seat, and has a flap that folds out. Five points

#16-18 Three 1999 Black Diamond Mystery Numbers inserts

All cards from this 30-card set are serial numbered to the cards set number, multiplied by 100. For example, the card of Jaret Wright John sent me is number 23 in the set, and is serial numbered to 2300. He also sent me Orlando Hernandez (/2600) and Andres Galarraga (/2900). 21 points

#19 1999 Skybox Thunder Unleashed Adrian Beltre

The Unleashed cards are made to look like a box of Wheaties. Five Points

#20 2000 SP Authentic Cornerstones NOE-MAH!

Like SPx before, SP Authentic is a set that has ceased to be collectible. The 2000 set was a pretty cool set though. Five Points

So there you have it. John of Old School Breaks puts up a score of 83 points. Add in the double-point early bird bonus, and John is your clubhouse leader with 166 points!

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

UPDATED!!!! 1st Impressions: Various Topps Late-Season Products


Updates & Highlights

The sell sheets for TU&H have been posted for a while on this one. There are the usual inserts, and one-per-box autogamers. But the selling point is, of course, the 330-card base set.

A certain player who should have been card #645 in series two, is listed on the checklist as card #UH1. Then again, this is Topps, and given their track record this year I wouldn't put it past Topps to find a way to gimmick this up as well.

Stadium Club Retail

2008 Stadium Club is starting to look a lot like last year's Ultra SE after all, as Topps will release a stripped down version for retail. That the good news. The bad news: I finally figured out what's actually in Stadium Club.

Of the 150 cards in the base set, 50 are gimmicked "rookies" each numbered to only 1499 copies.
If that's not bad enough, while each Hobby five-card pack will have a base rookie, retail has a "Retail Exclusive Rookie First Day Issue Parallel Card." So, are we supposed to believe that the base set rookies are Hobby-exclusive and the retail (read: the version for the rest of us) is stuck with a one-per-pack parallel?

That would royally suck.

Topps Heritage High Numbers


Base Set: 220 cards (numbered 501-720). 45 cards are of rookies, 35 will be short-printed -- no odds stated.

Each pack will have two cards from the Topps Updates & Highlights set -- therefore giving you an excuse NOT to buy TU&H.

Inserts: 15 Rookie Performers, 10 Then & Now, 10 2008 Flashbacks.

Two Chrome/Refractors per waxbox.

One Autogamer per waxbox.

Street Date: Oct. 13

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther.

And so it's come to this.

I, Chris Harris, publisher of Stale Gum, has lowered himself to ripping off ideas from other cardblogs. Specifically, the "Trade Me Your Brewers" contest I'm totally pwning and am going to win in a laugher Thorzul came up with. But I'm putting my own twist on it.

Here's the deal, you send me any 20 cards from my wantlists and in return, I'll send you 20 cards from whatever team/player/set you collect. The highest score wins... something-a-ruther. (See, that's where I got the name.)
Scoring Table

Point Value
Base Cards1
Short-Printed Base Cards2
Serial-Numbered Base Cards4
Serial-Numbered Inserts > 1000 Copies 7
Serial-Numbered Inserts <= 1000 Copies 10
Game Used Base Card/Inserts10
Autographed Base Card/Inserts20

Here's the twist...


What are these "secret sets?" If I told you, they wouldn't be a secret, now would they? Chances are, if you read this blog regularly, you already know what these secret sets are.


What is a "shit set?" Again, you'll figure it out. Send me a 5-point card from a shit set, and you will be deducted 5 points.


I don't collect parallels, and if you send me one it will be treated as a shit card. If you have an autogamer, it had better be from a set I'm actually collecting. If not, it's a shit card.

So shoot me an e-mail telling me that you want in, what you want in return, and I'll send you my mailing address. You have until August 31st to mail me your cards. After I receive all your packages, I'll reveal them all on Stale Gum and the winner will get... something-a-ruther.

Saturday, August 09, 2008

You learn something new every day.

And to think, I thought Antonio Alfonseca was the only pro athlete with more than five fingers on each hand.

Thursday, August 07, 2008

The gimmick that blew up in Topps' face.

In the matter of 24-hours, this card went from yet another merely ridiculous gimmick, to an embarrassingly stupid gimmick.

Credibility, schmedibility.

Wednesday, August 06, 2008

Pinnacle, Ten Years Later.

It was ten years ago this month Pinnacle Brands -- maker of such brands as Score, Select, Zenith, Sportflix, and later on, Donruss -- went out of business.

With a decade's hindsight, what do you remember about Pinnacle?

Do their cards stand the test of time?

What Pinnacle Brands brands (sorry) do you wish were still around?

Monday, August 04, 2008

50,000 Collectors Can't Be Wrong.

From January 1, 2008 to December 31, 2008
Date Month Unique Visits
6/1/2008 June 44,180

July was a record shattering month at Stale Gum. Over 50,000 visitors! An all-time record!

On behalf of all of us in management, we want to thank each and every one of you for making Stale Gum The Hobby's number one cardblog.

Always Be Collecting,
Chris Harris

Friday, August 01, 2008

1st Impressions: Upper Deck MLB Documentary.

On the same week Topps killed off Moments & Milestones, Upper Deck has unveiled plans for another equally massive, and equally confusing, trading card set.

2008 MLB Documentary will have 166 cards....

... for each of the 30 teams!

That's right, a 4980-card base set.

In what may be the understatement of the year, UD calls MLB Documentary "The most extraordinary set ever to be completed."

Clearly, UD isn't expecting anyone to actually build the nearly 5000 card base set, and is marketing MLB Documentary towards team set collectors as each card will be sequentially numbered twice (as part of the full set and as a team set).

But even if you only wanted to collect all 166 cards of your favorite team, there's one other issue: price. Each fifteen card waxpack will cost $2.99.

Considering the massive size of the base set, the large size of each team's subset, and the odds of finding any particular card from the team you want to collect in a pack, $2.99 is a lot of money.

Each 24-pack waxbox will yield an autograph, and each pack will have a Gold parallel.

Street Date: Late December 2008