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Sammy Sosa Wantlist

Sammy Sosa Wantlist
Updated 7/3/24


1998 Bowman's Best: 87
1998 Donruss Preferred: 40 (CL)
1998 Stadium Club: 16
1998 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 83
1998 Topps Stars 'n Steel: 39
1999 Finest: 261 (STER)
1999 Sports Illustrated: 11
1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 66
1999 Topps Stars: 179 (SUP)
1999 Victory: 75 (BPM) 76 (HM)
2000 Upper Deck Legends: 124 (20C)
2001 Fleer Focus: 111
2001 Fleer Showcase: 110 (AVANT)
2001 SP Authentic: 140 (STAR)
2001 Topps HD: 104 (SS)
2001 UD Reserve: 109
2001 Upper Deck MVP: 197
2002 Bowman's Best: 66
2002 Fleer Tradition: 77
2002 SPx: 177 (GU)
2002 Topps 206: 340 (blue jersey)
2003 Finest: 1
2003 SP Authentic: 131 (B93)
2003 SPx: 26
2003 Studio: 113
2004 Donruss: 387 (TC)
2004 Finest: 102 (GU)
2005 Diamond Kings: 56
2005 Finest: 10
2005 Topps Gallery: 20
2014 Topps Archives: 145


2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars: 133 (CWS)
2003 Topps Gallery: 100 (black bat)


1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection: 230
1996 Pinnacle Starburst: 67 (NAT)



Flair Promo 000


SP Special FX: 30


Select Team Nucleus: 15
Select Certified Select Few: 1
Sportflix Hit Parade: 9
Summit Big Bang: 13
Summit Positions: 9


Collector's Choice Premier Power: PP13
Donruss Elite Series: 3
Pinnacle X-Press Melting Pot: 16
SP Inside Info: 13
SP SPx Force: 4
Studio Masterstrokes: 19


Collector's Choice Mini-Bobble Heads: 9
Collector's Choice You Crash the Game Winners: CG17
Donruss Crusade: 61
Finest Mystery Finest Series One: M41 M45 M46 M47
Finest Power Zone: P12
Finest Stadium Stars: SS14
Pinnacle Performers Swing for the Fences: 47
SPx Home Run Hysteria: HR3
Topps Stars Galaxy: G6
Upper Deck Amazing Greats: AG22


E-X Century Favorites for Fenway '99: 18FF
E-X Century Milestones of the Century: 3
Finest Franchise Records: FR8
Finest Peel 'n Reveal Sparkle: PR3
Finest Prominent Figures: PR2 PR12 PR32 PR41
Flair Showcase Measures of Greatness: 14MG
Fleer Mystique Established: 9
Home Run Heroes Power Elite: HRH2
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion: 45F
Skybox Thunder Dial 1: D9
Topps Pre-Production: PP2
Topps Gallery Exhibitions: E1
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Longball Legends: L3
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Swinging for the Fences: S3
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances CD-ROM: M1
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances Auxiliary: M1
Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School: S14


Finest For the Record: 7abc
Topps Gallery Exhibits: GE24
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ10
Ultra Talented: 1UT
Upper Deck Hitter's Club Generations of Excellence: GE6


Bowman's Best Impact Players: IP2
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers: 8a
Finest All-Stars: FAS6
Fleer Focus Bat Company: 3BC
Fleer Focus Diamond Vision: 12DV
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 16CC 23CC
Fleer Platinum Winning Combinations: 20WC 39WC
Fleer Premium A Time for Heroes: 5TH
Fleer Showcase Awards Showcase: 20AS
Fleer Triple Crown Glamour Boys: 4GB
Stadium Club Beam Team: BT1
Topps Archives Gold Future Rookie Reprints: 10
Topps HD 20/20: TW6
UD Reserve Big Game: BG5


Donruss Longball Leaders: LL-2
Donruss Elite Career Best: CB35
Fleer Focus JE International Diamond Company: 6IDC
Fleer Focus JE Kings of Swing: 7KS
Fleer Focus JE Larger than Life: 18LTL
Fleer Focus JE Materialistic: 12M
Fleer Premium On Base!: 27ob
Fleer Tradition Heads Up: 3HU
Fleer Triple Crown RBI Kings: 1RK
Leaf Rookie Reprints: 5


Donruss Elite Highlights: 1
E-X Diamond Essentials: 8DE
Fleer Box Score Press Clippings: 6PC
Fleer Box Score Press Clippings Dual: 3PCD
Fleer Platinum MLB Scouting Report: 23MSR
Fleer Tradition Update Long Gone! 6LG
SP Authentic Superstar Flashback: SF14
Studio Masterstrokes: MS-24
Topps Hit Parade: HP2 HP16
Topps Total Award Winners: AW5
Ultra Back2Back:16B2B
Upper Deck Magical Performances: MP33


Diamond Kings Team Timeline: TT-6
Donruss Production Line: PL-SLG-5
Flair Hot Numbers: 23HN
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 2CC
Fleer Showcase Baseball's Best: 9BB
Fleer Showcase Hot Gloves: 12HG
Topps Heritage Doubleheaders: 5-6
Ultra Diamond Produers: 6DP


Diamond Kings Team Timeline: TT-28
Fleer Patchworks By the Numbers: 11BTN
Fleer Showcase Measures of Greatness: 8MG
Leaf Clean Up Crew: CUC5
Leaf Picture Perfect: PP18
Leaf Sportcasters: 44
Studio Masterstrokes: MS-22
Topps Hit Parade: RBI3
Topps Gallery Gallo's Gallery: GG-SS


Topps Update 150th Anniversary Manufactured Medallions: AMM-SSO

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