Thursday, June 15, 2023

June's HND Column.

Over on Hobby News Daily, my column for the month of June is out.  In this month's issue I ask the question, "What exactly does 'Vintage' and 'Modern' mean?"  I also call out the card companies for the constant back-dating new products.

Check it out.

Tuesday, June 06, 2023

Stale Gum on the Sports Card Nation Podcast.

I recently sat down with my friend and Hobby Hotline and Hobby News Daily colleague John Newman for an episode of his Sports Card Nation podcast.

In this episode, I discuss my Hobby upbringing, how I became a collector, and how unlike many in my generation, remained a collector into adulthood. I also discuss the BaseballCardPedia project, my role in it, how it was created, and what we hope for in the future. Listen to "Ep.234 w/ Chris Harris "Call it like we see it"" on Spreaker.