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Juan Gonzalez Wantlist

Juan Gonzalez Wantlist
Updated 3/28/24

Base Cards

1994 Studio: 154
1996 Collector's Choice: 338 (IF)
1996 Finest: 253 (B)
1998 E-X 2001: 5
1998 Flair Showcase Row 0: 44 (/500)
1998 Pinnacle (Full Stats): 70
1999 Bowman's Best: 99 (BP)
1999 Sports Illustrated: 11 (LL)
1999 Topps Gallery: 108 (MOG)
1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 65
1999 Upper Deck Encore: 144 (HO)
1999 Upper Deck Retro: 82
2000 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 45
2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club: 45
2001 Bowman Heritage: 362 (SP)
2001 Bowman's Best: 35
2001 Donruss Elite: 37
2001 Finest: 10
2001 Fleer Focus: 185
2001 SP Authentic: 145 (/1250)
2002 Bowman's Best: 19
2002 E-X 47
2002 Studio: 199
2002 SPx: 169 (GU /800)
2002 Ultra: 231 (TP)
2003 Studio 86
2005 Topps Gallery: 26


2002 Leaf Rookies & Stars Traded: 99 (CLE)
2005 Diamond Kings Black & White: 114


1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection: 227 278
1999 Skybox Molten Metal XPlosion: 140



Church's Hometown Stars Show Stoppers: 1


Pinnacle FanFest: 9
Upper Deck Special Edition: 40


E-XL Legion of Boom: 3
Leaf Limited Pennant Craze: 1
Pinnacle Slugfest: 15
Ultra Hitting Machines: 3
Ultra Home Run Kings (Redeemed): 5
Ultra Thunderclap: 10


Circa Rave Reviews: 3
Collector's Choice Toast of the Town: T29
Donruss Limited Fabric of the Game: 17
Donruss Team Sets MVPs: 15
E-X 2000 A Cut Above: 5
Fleer Bleacher Blasters: 3
Fleer Diamond Tribute: 3
Leaf Statistical Standouts: 2
New Pinnacle Keeping the Pace: 1
Pinnacle X-Press Melting Pot: 9
Pinnacle X-Press Metal Works: 9
Score Stand & Deliver: 21
SP SPx Force: 8
Studio Masterstrokes: 23
UD3 Marquee Attractions: MA3
Ultra Home Run Kings: 3


Circa Thunder Rave Reviews: 6RR
Collector's Choice Evolution Revolution: ER27
Collector's Choice StarQuest: SQ83
Collector's Choice You Crash the Game (Winners): CG28
Donruss Crusade: 44
Donruss Production Line Slugging: 5
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers: 10ac
E-X 2001 Cheap Seat Treats: 6CS
Finest Mystery Finest (Series One): M31 M33
Finest Mystery Finest (Series One): M25 M27
Finest Power Zone: P19
Finest Stadium Stars: SS12
Finest The Man: TM16
Fleer Tradition Zone: 6Z
Metal Universe All-Galactic Team: 5AGT
Pinnacle Epix Season: E2
Pinnacle Performers Big Bang: 11
Pinnacle Performers Swing for the Fences: 11
Sports Illustrated World Series Fever Reggie Jackson's Picks: 4RP
SPx Finite Home Run Hysteria: HR9
Stadium Club Triumvirate Luminous: T18c
Studio Masterstrokes: 10
Topps Stars Luminaires: L3
Ultra Diamond Immortals: 12DI
Ultra Diamond Producers: 10DP
Upper Deck Clearly Dominant: CD23
Upper Deck Unparalleled: 18
Upper Deck Special F/X Power Zone: PZ3
Upper Deck Special F/X Power Zone Superstar XCitement: PZ3


Black Diamond Dominance: D18
E-X Century Favorites for Fenway '99: 8FF
Finest Franchise Records: FR4
Finest Prominent Figures: PF5 PF13 PF31 PF46
Flair Showcase Measures of Greatness: 3MG
Metal Universe Diamond Soul: 7DS
Metal Universe Planet Metal: 14PM
Skybox Molten Metal Fusion: 40F
Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation: 11
Skybox Premium Show Business: 4SB
Skybox Premium Soul of the Game: 7SG
Skybox Thunder Dial 1: D2
Skybox Thunder Turbo Charged: 2TC
SPx Star Focus: SF28
Topps Gallery Heritage: TH16
UD Ionix Cyber: C10
UD Ionix HoloGrFX: HG10
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Longball Legends: L10
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Swinging for the Fences: S13
Upper Deck Encore Driving Forces: D7
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances (CD-ROM): M4
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances (AUX): M4


Black Diamond Barrage: B5
E-X E-Xplosive: 13XP
Topps Gallery Exhibits: GE15


Fleer Futures Bats to the Future: 17BF
Fleer Tradition Warning Track: 12WT
Stadium Club Beam Team: BT21


Donruss Production Line: PL-36
Fleer Focus International Diamond Company: 11IDC
Fleer Premium On Base!: 5ob
Fleer Triple Crown Home Run Kings: 8HK
Fleer Triple Crown RBI Kings: 13RK
Studio Masterstrokes: MS-11
Ultra Hitting Machines: 14HM
Upper Deck UD Plus: UD19


Topps Class Rings: CR-42


Bowman Chrome Rookie Recollections: RRI-JG
Bowman's Best Mirror Image: MI-LG


Bowman Chrome Refractors that Never Were: RTNW-JG

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