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Mark McGwire Wantlist

Mark McGwire Wantlist
Updated: 4/6/24

Base Cards

1995 Upper Deck: 35
1996 Leaf Limited: 21
1998 Finest: 145
1998 Flair Showcase Row 0: 9
1998 Pinnacle (Full Stats): 63
1998 Pinnacle Plus: 198 FV
1998 SPx Finite: 176
1998 Zenith: 60
1999 Fleer Brilliants: 1
1999 Topps Gold Label Class 2: 70
1999 Topps Gold Label Class 3: 70
1999 Upper Deck Challengers for 70: 61 62 
2000 Upper Deck Hitter's Club: 12
2000 Upper Deck Pros & Prospects: 126
2001 Bowman's Best: 62
2001 Fleer Focus: 156
2001 SP Authentic: 137
2001 UD Reserve: 101
2002 Upper Deck Vintage: 162


2019 Topps: 289
2020 Topps: 289


1995 Pinnacle Museum Collection: 196



Topps Glossy Send-Ins: 39


Topps Glossy All-Stars: 2


Topps Glossy All-Stars: 2


Fleer Fruit of the Loom: 46


Leaf Limited Lumberjacks: 10
Score Power Pace: 1


Circa Rave Reviews: 7
Collector's Choice Toast of the Town: T22
Donruss Elite Leather & Lumber: 10
Donruss Limited Fabric of the Game: 27
Flair Showcase Diamond Cuts: 11
Fleer Lumber Company: 12
Fleer Night & Day: 5
Fleer Zone: 11
Leaf 22k Gold Leaf Stars: 22
Leaf Statistical Standouts: 10
Pinnacle X-Press Metalworks: 14
SP Game File: GF7
SP SPx Force: 2
SPx Cornerstones of the Game: 9
Stadium Club Firebrand: FB7
Studio Masterstrokes: 22
UD3 Marquee Attractions: MA2
Upper Deck Predictor Winners: P21


Circa Thunder Rave Reviews: 11RR
Circa Thunder Thunder Boomers: 8TB
Collector's Choice Evolution Revolution: ER23
Collector's Choice StarQuest: SQ89
Donruss Crusade (CTA): 93
Donruss Production Line OBP: 12
Donruss Production Line Power Index: 2
Donruss Production Line SLG: 1
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers: 3abc
E-X 2001 Destination" Cooperstown: 8DC
Finest Centurions: C8
Finest Mystery Finest Series One: M6 M8
Finest Mystery Finest Series Two: M19
Finest Power Zone: P5
Finest Stadium Stars: SS19
Finest The Man: TM7
Fleer Tradition Decade of Excellence: 10DE
Fleer Tradition Diamond Tribute: 6DT
Pinnacle Epix Play: E18
Pinnacle Epix Season: E18
Pinnacle Epix Moment: E18
Pinnacle Spellbound: 1 7
Pinnacle Inside Behind the Numbers: 10
Pinnacle Plus Team Pinnacle: 2
SPx Finite Home Run Hysteria: HR2
Stadium Club Triumvirate Illuminator: 11a
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH7
Topps Stars Luminaires: L2
Ultra Diamond Immortals: 6DI
Ultra Diamond Producers: 13DP
Ultra Ticket Studs: 6TS
Upper Deck Amazing Greats: AG25
Upper Deck Clearly Dominant: CD1
Upper Deck Unparalleled: 20
Upper Deck Special F/X Power Zone Power Driven: PZ4
Upper Deck Special F/X Power Zone Superstar XCitement: PZ5


Black Diamond Mystery Numbers: M4
E-X Century Favorites for Fenway '99: 20FF
E-X Century Milestones of the Century: 2
Finest Franchise Records: FR3
Finest Milestones: M11 
Finest Peel 'n Reveal Sparkle: PR2
Finest Prominent Figures: PF1 PF33 PF42
Finest Team Finest Blue: TF2
Flair Showcase Measures of Greatness: 9MG
Fleer Mystique Established: 5
Fleer Tradition Date with Destiny: 6DD
Metal Universe Planet Metal: 12PM
Skybox Premium Intimidation Nation: 6
Skybox Thunder Dial 1: D5
Topps Gallery Gallery of Heroes: GH1
UD Ionix Cyber: C9
UD Ionix HoloGrFX: HG9
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ9
Ultra Diamond Producers: 6DP
Upper Deck Challengers for 70 Mark on History: M3
Upper Deck Ovation ReMarkable Moments: MM12
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances CD-ROM: M7
Upper Deck PowerDeck Most Valuable Performances Auxiliary: M7
Upper Deck Retro Old School/New School: S10


E-X E-XCeptional Red: 4XC
Finest For the Record: 2abc
Skybox NSCC Promos: 5
Skybox Dominion Milestones: M1
SPx Untouchable Talents: UT1
UD Ionix Pyrotechnics: P5
UD Ionix Warp Zone: WZ15
Ultra Crunch Time: 3CT
Ultra Talented: 7


Bowman's Best Impact Players: IP1
Donruss Elite Primary Colors Red: PC-14
Donruss Elite Prime Numbers: PN-3abc
E-X Xtra Innings: 1XI
Fleer Focus Bat Company: 2BC
Fleer Focus Diamond Vision: 5DV
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 4CC 16CC
Fleer Platinum Winning Combinations: 10WC
Stadium Club Beam Team: BT2
Topps A Tradition Continues: TRC20
UD Reserve Royalty: R5


Topps Gallery Heritage: GH-MM


Studio Big League Challenge: BLC-10 BLC-12
Upper Deck Magical Performances: MP27 MP31


Topps Class Rings: CR-38


Donruss All-Time Diamond Kings: 29
Topps Commemorative Patch Pins: CPP-18
Topps First Home Run Medallions, Series Two: FHRM-MM


Topps Team Logo Pin: TLP-MM


Topps MLB All-Star Game Commemorative Logo Patch: ASL-MM 
Topps New Era 1987: 87T-13


Bowman's Best 1999 Franchise Favorites: 99FF-MM
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball: 150-71 150-136
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball Greatest Moments: GM-5
Topps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Medallions: AMM-MG
Topps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Patches, Series One: AMP-MM
Topps Cactus League Legends: CLL-16
Topps Faces of the Franchise: FOF-20


Topps 1985 Topps All-Stars: 85AS-8


Topps 1986 Topps All-Stars: 86AS-32
Topps 70 Years of Topps Baseball, Series Two: 70YT-29
Topps Update 70th Anniversary Logo Patches: T70P-MM
Topps Opening Day Outstanding Opening Days: OOD-8

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