Thursday, April 27, 2000

Nolan Ryan Wantlist

Nolan Ryan Wantlist
UPDATED 8/13/23


Topps: 115


Donruss Previews: 11


Donruss Elite Dominators: 10


FanFest: 1 2 5 


Donruss Elite Back to the Future: 7


Donruss Elite Passing the Torch: PT-22
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 9CC 20CC


Diamond Kings Heritage Collection: HC-2
Donruss Elite Passing the Torch: PT-2 PT-11
Donruss Originals Champions: C-1
Fleer Then & Now: 9TN
Topps Flashbacks: TBC-NR
Topps Nolan Ryan Record Breakers: RB-NR1 RB-NR2 RB-NR3 RB-NR4 RB-NR5 RB-NR6
Topps Gallery Heritage: GH-KR
Upper Deck Magical Performances: MP13 MP18 MP19 MP22 MP30 MP32


Diamond Kings Gallery of Stars: G-1
Diamond Kings Timeline: T-5
Fleer Platinum Classic Combinations: 10CC
Fleer Tradition Career Tributes: 2CT


Diamond Kings Masters of the Game: MG-6
Diamond Kings Team Timeline: TT-26
Donruss 1985 Reprints: D-3
Fleer Patchworks: 92
Fleer Showcase: 125
Leaf Sportscasters: 33
SP Authentic Honors: SH-NR
Studio Heroes of the Hall: HH-9
Studio Portraits: SP-60
Studio Heroes of the Hall: HH-6
Topps Gallery: 186
Topps Gallery Gallo's Gallery: GG-NR
Topps Gallery Heritage: GH-NR
Upper Deck Hall of Fame Plaques: SP-22


Topps Allen & Ginter's N43: N43-NR


Upper Deck Goudey: 308 319


Topps Legends Chrome Gold Refractors: PR-28
Topps Gold Legends: LLG-6
Topps Platinum Legends: LLP-24
Topps Updates & Highlights Gimmicks: UH232-CAL UH232-NYM
Topps Tribute: 4
Upper Deck Goudey 4-in-1: 35-10 


Topps Blue Backs: 37
Topps Red Backs: 19


Topps Legends Gimmicks: 611
Topps Diamond Die-Cuts: DDC-20
Topps Glove Manufactured Leather Nameplates: MGL-NR
Topps Commemorative Patch: TLMP-NRY
Topps Update Legends Gimmicks: US50
Topps Update Glove Manufactured Leather Nameplates: MGL-NOR MGL-NR MGL-NRY
Topps Update Commemorative Patch: TLMP-NR TLMP-NRY
Topps Gypsy Queen The Great Ones: GO16


Topps Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome: GMDC-21
Topps Retired Number Patches Series One: RN-NR
Topps Retired Number Patches Series Two: RN-NR


Pinnacle Clear Vision: CV-21


Donruss Elite Dominators Series One: 29
Topps Framed 2000 Gold Label: GL-15
Topps Archives: 234


Topps Archives: 301
Topps Heritage A Legend Begins: NR1 NR2 NR3 NR4 NR5 NR6 NR7 NR8 NR9 NR10 NR11 NR12 NR13 NR14 NR15


Topps MLB Debut Medallions: MDM-NR


Topps Update Legends Gimmicks: US-156
Topps New Era 1987: 87T-12
Topps NSCC VIP: 87VIP-1


Donruss Optic Looking back: LB6
Topps Update Gimmicks: US1


Topps Legends Gimmicks: 57
Topps 150 Years of Professional baseball: 150-16 150-28

Topps Faces of the Franchise: FOF-24
Topps Greatness Returns: GR-1
Topps Historic Through Lines: HTL-17
Topps Iconic Card Reprints: ICR-36 ICR-80
Topps Update 150th Anniversary Manufactured Patch: AMP-NR AMP-NRY


Topps Gimmicks: 260 609
Topps Decade of Dominance Die-Cuts: DOD-18
Topps Decades' Best Series Two: DB-65


Topps Gimmicks: 240 567
Topps 70 Years of Topps Baseball: 70YT-67
Topps 70th Anniversary Logo Patches: 70LP-NR
Topps Platinum Players Die-Cuts: PDC-7
Topps Through the Years: TTY-3
Topps Double Headers: TDH-10
Topps Update Gimmicks: US118
Topps Update Cards that Never Were: CNW-6

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