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Mike Trout Wantlist

Mike Trout Wantlist
Updated: 3/13/23


Finest: 94


Finest: 78
Finest Game Changers: GC-MT
Topps 1987 Topps Minis: TM-127
Topps Golden Moments Die-Cut Chrome: GMDC-77
Topps Gold Rush: 89
Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts: DD-MT


Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects Futures of the Franchise: FF-MT
Finest 1993 Finest: 93F-MT
Finest Prodigies: P-MT
Finest Masters: M-MT
Pinnacle Looking Back: LB3
Pinnacle Skylines: SK4
Pinnacle Z-Team: Z4
Pinnacle The Naturals: N7
Topps Out of Bounds Gimmicks: 27
Topps Gimmicks: 27a 27b
Topps Million Dollar Chase Coins: CC3
Topps Update Gimmicks: US300
Topps Archives 1998 Stadium Club Triumvirate: T-1a
Topps Archives Gallery of Heroes: GH-MT
Topps Archives 1989 All-Stars: RC-MT
Topps Archives 1971 Greatest Moments: 16
Topps Chrome Connection Die-Cuts: CC-MT
Topps Chrome Dynamic Die-Cuts: DY-MT
Topps Heritage: 430
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 430
Topps Heritage Color Gimmicks: 430
Topps Heritage 1964 Bazooka: 64B-MT
Topps Heritage 1964 Giants: 64G-MT
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-11


Bowman 1989 Bowman is Back Silver Diamond Refractor: 89BIB-MT
Donruss: 2
Donruss Breakout Hitters: 30
Donruss The Elite Series, Series One: 4
Donruss Elite Dominators, Series Two: 21
Donruss Elite Series: 9
Donruss Studio, Series One: 5
Finest 1994 Finest: 94F-MT
Finest Sterling: TS-MT
Finest Competitors: FC-MT
Panini Prizm Top of the Order: 9
Stadium Club Field Access: FA-1
Topps Twinks: 1
Topps Future Stars Gimmicks: 1
Topps Sabermetric Stats Gimmicks: 1
Topps 2000 Topps Gold Label Framed: GL-16
Topps Future Stars that Never Were: FS-10
Topps Archives 1971-72 Hockey: 71H-MT
Topps Archives 1988 All-Stars: RC-MT
Topps Chrome Topps Shelf: TS-MT
Topps Chrome All-Time Rookies: US175
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 250
Topps Heritage Logo Gimmicks: 250
Topps Heritage Throwback Gimmicks: 250
Topps Heritage 1965 Bazooka: 65B-MT
Topps Heritage 1965 Embossed: 3
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-1


Bowman's Best Hi-Def Heritage: HDH-MT
Donruss Gimmicks: 100 (Batting/MVP, Fielding/MVP, RevNeg)
Donruss Elite Dominator: 18|
Donruss Production Line: 7
Finest Generations: FG-43
Stadium Club True Colors: TCA-MT
Stadium Club Crystal Ball: CB-01
Topps Twinks: 300
Topps MLB Silhouetted Batter Logo Pin: MSBL-08
Topps Update: US227
Topps Update Sabermetric Gimmicks: US364
Topps Update Throwback Variations: 300
Topps Allen & Ginter's National Convention Die-Cuts: AGX-19
Topps Heritage Throwback Gimmicks: 500
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 500
Topps Heritage Black Gimmicks: 500
Topps Heritage 1966 Bazooka: 66B-MT
Topps Opening Day Gimmicks: 77
Topps Opening Day Hit the Dirt: HTD-04
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-01
Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations: SC-01


Bowman's Best: 1
Bowman's Best 1996: 96BB-MT
Donruss Gimmicks: 83 (Gray jersey, "Milville Meteor")
Donruss Elite Series: ES21
Donruss Elite Dominator: ED3
Finest Franchise: FF-MT
Topps Camouflage Uniform Gimmicks: 1
Topps Photo Gimmicks: 1
Topps Laser: TL-1
Topps MLB Debut Medallions: MDM-MT
Topps Mini '75: BC-4
Topps Mike Trout Factory Set Chrome Refractor: MT-1 MT-2 MT-3 MT-4 MT-5
Topps Update All-Star Gimmicks: US175
Topps Update 500 Futures Medallions: 500M-5
Topps Chrome R.O.Y. Chronicles: ROY-MT
Topps Heritage: 500
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 500
Topps Heritage 1967 Discs: 67TDC-MT
Topps Heritage 1967 Posters: 67PB-MTR
Topps Heritage 1967 Bazooka: 67B-MT
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-1


Bowman Holiday: TH-MT
Donruss All-Stars: AS-10
Donruss Dominators: D-2
Donruss Elite Series: 24
Donruss Whammy: 1
Panini Prizm: 26
Topps 1987 Topps Chrome Refractor: 87-MT
Topps Jackie Robinson Logo Patch: JRPC-MTR
Topps Independence Day MLB Logo Patch: IMDL-MTR
Topps Update MVP Award: MVP-1
Topps Chrome MLB Award Winners: MAW-3
Topps New Era: 1
Topps Opening Day National Anthem: NA-22
Topps Opening Day Stars: ODS-33
Topps Opening Day Stadium Signatures: SS-12
Topps Opening Day Superstar Celebrations: SC-14
Topps Opening Day Stickers: 2


Bowman Chrome NSCC: BNR-MT
Bowman's Best 1998 Bowman's Best Performers: 98BP-MT
Bowman's Best Power Producers: PP-MT
Donruss All-Stars: AS12
Finest Sitting Red: SR-MT
Topps Gimmicks Tier 1: 300
Topps Gimmicks Tier 2: 300
Topps 1983 Topps: 83-13
Topps Players Weekend Patches: PWP-MT
Topps Team MVP Medallions: MVP-MT
Topps Update Jackie Robinson Day Commemorative Patch: JRP-MT
Topps Archives Topps Rookie History: US175
Topps Big League Star Caricature Reproductions: SCR-MT
Topps Opening Day Dugout Peeks: DP-MT
Topps Opening Day National Anthem: NA-MT
Topps Opening Day Stadium Signatures: SS-MT


Bowman's Best 1999 Franchise Favorites: 99FF-MT
Bowman's Best Power Producers: PP-MT
Donruss Action All-Stars: AA3
Donruss Dominators: D1
Topps 150 Years of Professional Baseball: 150-132 150-137
Topps Iconic Card Reprints: ICR-29 ICR-99
Topps Cactus League Legends: CLL-2
Topps Stars of the Game: SSB-2
Topps Home Run Challenge Winners: HRC-1
Topps 150th Anniversary Commemorative Patch: AMP-MT
Topps Retro Hat Logo Patch: RHLP-MT RHLP-MTR
Topps Chrome Greatest Card Reprints: TCGR-4
Topps Heritage: 485
Topps Heritage Action Image Gimmicks: 485
Topps Heritage Team Name Color Gimmicks: 485
Topps Heritage Nickname Gimmicks: 485
Topps Heritage Errors: 485
Topps Heritage 1970 Player Story Booklets: 5
Topps Opening Day 150 Years of Fun: YOF-25
Topps Opening Day Dugout Peeks: DP-14
Topps Opening Day Sock it to Me: SM-9


Topps Gimmicks Tier 1: 1
Topps Gimmicks Tier 3: 1
Topps Decades' Best, Series One: DB-93
Topps Warriors of the Diamond: WOD-19
Topps Mike Trout: Player of the Decade (MT): 2 3 5 6 7 9 12 14 16 17 21 22 25
Topps Significant Statistics: SS-4 SS-5 
Topps Rookie Card Retrospective RC Logo Medallions: RCR-MT
Topps Draft Day Medallions: DDM-MT
Topps Update Gimmicks Tier 1: U-4
Topps Update Gimmicks Tier 2: U-4
Topps Update Coin Cards: TBC-MT
Topps Update 1985 Topps Chrome Refractor: CPC-45
Topps Opening Day The Lighter Side of Baseball: LSB-21
Topps Opening Day Dugout Peeks: DP-10


Topps Tier 1 Gimmicks: 21
Topps Tier 2 Gimmicks: 21
Topps 70 Years of Topps Baseball, Series One: 70YT-6
Topps 1986 Topps Baseball All-Stars: 86AS-23
Topps Platinum Players Die-Cuts: PDC-1
Topps Through The Years: TTY-9
Topps 1986 Topps Chrome Refractor: 86BC-1 86TC-92
Topps Update Tier 1 Gimmicks: US130
Topps Update Tier 2 Gimmicks: US130
Topps Update Tier 3 Big Head Gimmicks: US27
Topps Update 1992 Redux: T92-3
Topps Opening Day Dugout Peeks: DP-7

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