Monday, August 18, 2008

Trade Me, Something-A-Ruther: Don Sherman

Don Sherman of Arkansas send me a package with 32 cards. Since he sent in his package before I posted the first of these, he also qualifies for the double bonus.

Don sent me 32 cards so I'm not counting his twelve worst cards. Which are...

Three 2004 Topps Heritage singles
Two 2004 Upper Deck singles
Six 2006 Topps Heritage singles
A 2006 Upper Deck single of Ted Lilly that I already had.

And with that, here's his twenty...

Cards #1-#4 Four 1992 Donruss The Rookies Phenoms.

These are just any ordinary DTRPs. Oh no. These cards of Brian Jordan, Frank Seminara, John Valentin, and Wil Cordero were only available in jumbo packs.

Betcha didn't know they made jumbo packs of '92 DTR. You learn something everyday. (Twenty Points + Twenty Point Secret Set bonus.)

Cards #5 & #6 1992 Pinnacle Team 2000's of Ray Lankford and Eric Karros

These too were only available in jumbo packs, or "Superpacks" as Pinnacle called them. Unlike DTR, Pinnacle made their jumbos more available. (Ten Points)

Card #7 1992 Pinnacle Slugfest Ron Gant

Slugfest was exclusive to Wal-Mart packs. Even back in '92 card companies made Wally World exclusive inserts. (Five Points)

Cards #8-#13 Six 1992 Score 90's Impact Players

EVEN MORE JUMBO EXCLUSIVE INSERTS! These are of Chuck Knoblauch, Brent Mayne, Scott Cooper, Andy Mota, C-3POlerud and Lance Dickson. (30 Points)

Card #14 1994 Topps BlackGold Randy Johnson

A cool card from Topps' first stab at inserts. (Five Points)

Card #15 1995 Score Dream Team Gold Matt Williams

Why aren't they making hologram cards anymore? (Five Points)

Card #16 1995 Studio Ruben Sierra

Ah yes, '95 Studio. The infamous "credit card" set. A bad card, from one of the worst baseball card sets ever made. But I need it for my set. (One Point)

Card #17 2004 Flair Barry Zito

Speaking of one of the worst baseball card sets ever made..... (One Point)

Card #18 2004 Upper Deck 25 Salute Jay Gibbons

The theme behind this insert, was ten players who all wore "25." Looking at the checklist, you can't get any worse than Jay Gibbbons. (Five Points)

Card #19 2004 Upper Deck Matsui Chronicles #11

A massive hero worship insert that was exclusive to retail packs. (Five Points)

Card #20 2006 Topps Heritage New Age Performers Ichiro

You can't go wrong with a guy who wears his first name on the back of his jersey (Five Points)

An impressive 112 points, doubled to 224. Good enough for a strong second place.

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Alan Duda said...

I noticed you needed a few from the 2008 UD set, I got #406 Eric Burns for ya. I also didn't see a list for the 2008 UD Starquest Rares (which are very cool); I have a #54 Konerko. If you're interested I'll send 'em to ya in exchange for any cool Mets cards. Let me know!