Saturday, March 29, 2008

National Baseball Card Day. What a Fustercluck.

So, did you hear that today, Saturday, March 29, 2008 was declared "National Baseball Card Day?" You didn't? Well, you weren't the only one.

Of course you'd never know it actually was National Baseball Card Day from Major League Baseball's website. Or for that matter I guessing a story about redemption cards from Donruss Elite Extra Edition (a company that still doesn't have either a MLB or MLBPA license) takes precedence over promoting The Hobby to civilians.

And the good folks at the Deptford, NJ Toys R Us didn't know that today was National Baseball Card Day either. But at least the manager of the Cherry Hill Toys R Us had a clue. Too bad their allotment of free packs never arrived.

I think the Cardboard Junkie said it best: "Did they come up with this thing at the last minute or something? I really shouldn't complain about free cards, but anyone who remembers the hobby store events and monster packs of swag that was given away a few years ago would be disappointed in this stealth holiday. It just seems that the manufacturers this year are putting about 10% effort into everything. Really, it's not that hard to put together a decent promotion and actually promote the thing."

No Junkie, they're not putting 10% effort into everything. Just their marketing and promotion, that's all.


Wax Heaven said...

I got my pack....good stuff! :)

It was from Toys R' Us but it was a complete surprise. I didn't know about it till today.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I heard about it through a site I'm part of, and I signed up to get my pack (and got family to do the same, to see what different inserts there are). Still makes me wonder why they skipped 2007.

But it's not just this. The MLB Pack of the Month club is ... hit and miss also. There's no way to cancel or contact support from the MLB webpage. You have to call MLB shop, then tell them what you want, and they give you a second number to call.