Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Thoughts on the "New" Beckett.

I just got first issue of the new Beckett Sports Card Monthly in the mail today, and I have to say I'm it bit disappointed.

I understand why Beckett restructured their magazine lines. And I also understand the need to appeal to new collectors. But only one year's worth of prices for baseball cards? Come on!

And if that wasn't bad enough, still no pricing on any 2008 Baseball card products.

I'm signing up Beckett Baseball Plus -- or whatever they're going to calling it.


Anonymous said...

Actually I think Beckett Baseball Card Plus or whatever they call it, will be just as disappointing. I recently picked up a copy of the Plus guide with DiMaggio on the cover (I guess it's not the new one) and while they do seem to have more pricing, I find it pretty hard to find what you are looking for and I actually prefered the pricing section in the standard Baseball Monthly to the Plus.

On top of that the editorial content (or lack thereof) in the Plus is a joke. It remains to be seen if they beef up the editorial with the new 'Plus' but I doubt it.

So Beckett, have you really given up on print magazines or what? Still trying to figure out why subsriptions are down? Well, why did you ever mess with the Baseball monthly in the first place. Perhaps you should look back to years ago when it was a 'fun read' with solid editorial and pricing info. It was painful to see the ill-conceived transformation of the monthly a few years back and it's not surprising that they pulled the plug on it. Sheesh....

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Got mine the other day as well. Very disappointed. If I wanted sports other than baseball, I would subscribe to them. I could care less about them.

I usually pick up a copy of Plus about twice a year. It doesn't have everything, but has most of what I collect and trade. I mostly need it for the trade values, since older (ie early 90's inserts) sets aren't listed in the monthly.

When my subscription is done, it's done.

Anonymous said...

My copy of Beckett came in on Thursday. The only thing that brought me any joy was being able to tell my future wife that Beckett now comes in a hustler bag. The content is still at least two months behind the bloggers, and the absence of 2008 prices is a bit disapointing. I'm not too pumped about the Johan and Clemens prices listing but then again I really don't collect either player. Oh well, I guess all we can do is hope that 2008 proves to be a great year for baseball and for collecting