Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Always Be Collection: 2001 Fleer Tradition

2001 Fleer Tradition

Base Set: 485 cards (last 35 cards exclusive to factory set)
  • Diamond Tributes: 30 cards (1:7)
  • Grass Roots: 15 cards (1:18)
  • Lumber Company: 20 cards (1:12)
  • Stitches in Time: 24 cards (1:18)
  • Warning Track: 23 cards (1:72)
  • Stitches in Time Autographed: 7 cards (1:144)
  • Stitches in Time Memorabilia: 5 cards (1:144)
  • Turn Back the Clock: 21 jersey cards (1:144)
Packaging: 36 pack, 10-card waxboxes; 12 pack, 10-card Blasters; factory sets.
Notable Cards:
Dozens of factory set exclusive RCs, Willie Mays Stitches in Time AU
Other Notes:
  • One year after 2000 Fleer Tradition ushered in the retro era, 2001 Fleer Tradition was blown out of the water by Topps Heritage.
  • Design loosely based on '55 and '56 Topps.
  • Stitches in Time insert pays tribute to Negro League legends.
  • In lieu of releasing a proper Update set, Fleer instead chose to screw over set builders by issuing a factory set with 35 additional base set cards. Among those 35 extra cards: RCs of Albert Pujols, Ichiro Suzuki and Mark Teixeira.
Full Set: $50 (NmMT)
Full Set (factory): $100 (NmMT)

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Harpo said...

Is there any chance that you or a friend of this blog knows where I can buy a Willie Mays Stitches In Time autograph card? It's one that has been on my want list a long time and has escaped me!!! Please let me know at CARDSMAN@AOL.COM ~~~~~Regards -- Harpo