Friday, March 21, 2008

Always Be Collecting: 1984 Fleer

1984 Fleer

Base Set: 660 cards (one series)
Packaging: 36 pack, 15-card waxboxes; 28 card, 24 pack cello boxes; 24 pack "triple wax" rack packs; 500 card vending boxes.
Notable Cards: Don Mattingly RC, Darryl Strawberry RC, Glenn Hubbard with his "special friend"
Other Notes:
  • Another classic design.
  • Lots and lots of wacky photos (e.g. Glenn Hubbard, Jay Johnstone, and Larry McWilliams).
  • Waxboxes back down to 36 packs.
  • First "World Series" subset.
  • Checklists had photos of team managers.
  • Design of 2004 Fleer Platinum loosely based on '84 Fleer.
Full Set: $50 (NmMT)

1984 Fleer Update

Base Set: 132 cards
Packaging: Hobby-exclusive factory set
Notable Cards: Roger Clemens XRC, Kirby Puckett XRC, Dwight Gooden XRC, Pete Rose pictured as a Montreal Expo.
Other Notes:
  • One of the true "landmark" sets of the 80s.
  • Fleer's first Update set.
  • First Fleer factory set of any type.
  • First Fleer Hobby only product.
  • Printed-to-order. (Approximately 12,000 sets made.)
Full Set (factory): $300 (NmMT)

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