Sunday, March 23, 2008

Always be Collecting: 1993 Fleer

1993 Fleer

Base Set: 720 cards (two series of 360 each)
  • Tom Glavine Career Highlights: 15 cards (cards 1-12 exclusive to all pack types, cards 13-15 available via a wrapper redemption offer)
  • All-Stars: 24 cards (12 National Leaguers exclusive to series one wax, 12 American Leaguers in series two wax)
  • Golden Moments: 6 cards (3 in series one wax, 3 in series two wax)
  • Major League Prospects: 36 cards (18 in series one wax, 18 in series two wax)
  • Pro-Visions: 6 cards (3 in series one wax, 3 in series two wax)
  • Rookie Sensations: 20 cards (10 cards in series one jumbos, 10 in series two jumbos)
  • Team Leaders: 20 cards (10 American Leaguers exclusive to series one racks, 10 National Leaguers exclusive to series two racks)
Autogamers: Tom Glavine Career Highlights Autographs

Packaging: 36 pack, 15-card waxboxes; 24 pack, 29-card jumbo boxes; 24 pack, 18-card retail-only rack boxes.
Notable Cards: Tom Glavine Career Highlights Autograph, Team Leader inserts
Other Notes:
  • First Fleer set released in multiple series.
  • First Fleer set with UV coating (on obverse).
  • Simple, silver-bordered design.
  • "Round Tripper" and "League Leader" subsets.
  • Last year for rack packs.
  • Speaking of which, here's a challenge: find an opened 1993 Fleer rack box. Go ahead, I dare you.
Full Set: $40 (NmMT)

1993 Fleer Final Edition

Base Set: 300 cards
  • Diamond Tribute: 10 cards
Notable Cards: Jim Edmonds RC, lots and lots of Florida Marlins and Colorado Rockies.
Other Notes:
  • Renamed "Final Edition" for one year.
  • Largest Update/Final Edition set to date.
  • Features the complete Opening Day rosters of the Marlins and Rockies.
  • Card #F131 of Ozzie Smith who was curiously excluded from both series of '93 Fleer.
Full Set (factory): $10 (NmMT)

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