Sunday, March 23, 2008

Always Be Collecting: 1992 Fleer

1992 Fleer

Base Set: 720 cards (one series)

  • Roger Clemens Career Highlights: 15 cards (cards 1-12 exclusive to packs and Hobby factory sets, cards 13-15 available via a wrapper redemption offer)
  • All-Stars: 24 cards (wax exclusive)
  • Rookie Sensations: 20 cards (jumbo exclusive)
  • Team Leaders: 20 cards (rack exclusive)
  • Lumber Company: 9 cards (Hobby factory set exclusive)
  • Smoke 'n Heat: 12 cards (retail factory set exclusive)
  • Roger Clemens Career Highlights Autographs
Packaging: 36 pack, 17-card waxboxes; 24 pack, 35-card jumbo boxes; 24 pack, 42-card rack boxes; Hobby and retail factory sets.
Notable Cards: Roger Clemens Autograph, Frank Thomas Rookie Sensation
Other Notes:
  • In an effort to "keep up with the Joneses," Fleer dramatically improved the quality of the cards using metallic inks on both sides of the card and a smoother card stock.
  • Design a reminder of pro sport's early-90s "teal craze."
  • Waxpaper wraps were replaced with poly-plastic.
  • Pack price increased to $1/waxpack.
  • Base sort arranged alphabetically by team with American League teams followed by the National League.
  • First autographed inserts.
  • First foil-stamped inserts.
  • Final year for factory sets.
  • Pro-Visions moved to the base set.
  • Jumbo exclusive Rookie Sensations kicked off the "insert mania" of the early-90s.
Full Set (factory): $20 (NmMT)

1992 Fleer Update

Base Set: 132 cards
  • '92 Headliners: 4 cards
Packaging: Hobby exclusive factory set.
Notable Cards: Mike Piazza and Jeff Kent RCs
Other Notes:
  • After years of overproduction and slow sales, '92 Fleer Update was printed to order.
  • Production estimated to be equal to that of the 1984 Fleer Update set (about 12,000 sets).
  • Iconic Mike Piazza RC.
  • Addition of the '92 Headliners "insert."
Full Set (factory): $60 (NmMT)

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Wax Heaven said...

To me 1992 Fleer was the year they "jumped the shark" and never made it back. 1993 was the worst!