Friday, March 28, 2008

What Did We Learn Today?

So now that the Stale Gum year-by-year tribute to Fleer Baseball is (mercifully) over, what did you think?

Now that Fleer baseball is gone, what was its legacy to The Hobby?

What was the greatest Fleer/Fleer Tradition baseball card ever?

What was the worst Fleer/Fleer Tradition set ever?

I have my picks, and I'll be revealing them shortly. But for now, I yield the floor to you.


Dave said...

1991 Fleer was the worst design in the history of the hobby. And its not even close.

Anonymous said...

2002 Fleer
2000 Tradition
1995 Fleer
2005 Tradition

dayf said...

Best - 1987 (best looking design)
Worst - 1982
My favorite - 1983

Best - 1992
Worst - 1990 (could a set be any more boring?)
My favorite - 1995

Best - 2002 Fleer
Worst - (tie) 2005 Tradition & 2006 Tradition (05 is a mess, 06 has no reason to exist)
My favorite - 2002 Tradition

Anonymous said...

Best: 1987 Fleer
Worst: 1983 Fleer
Favorite: 1987 (why wouldn't it be? if I think it's the best, it should be my favorite as well)