Friday, March 21, 2008

Always Be Collecting: 1987 Fleer

1987 Fleer

Base Set: 660 cards (one series)
  • All-Stars: 12 cards (wax and cello exclusive)
  • Headliners: 6 cards (rack exclusive)
  • Box Bottoms: 16 cards
  • World Series: 12 cards (factory set exclusive)
Packaging: 36 pack, 17-card waxboxes; 24 pack, 31-card cello boxes; 24 pack, 51-card rack boxes; factory sets; glossy factory sets
Notable Cards: Barry Bonds, Barry Larkin, and Bo Jackson RCs
Other Notes:
  • Arguably the best Fleer set of the 80s.
  • First factory-exclusive inserts.
  • First Glossy "Tin" factory set. In fact, your humble correspondent's father set the type for the 1987 Glossy Tin box.
  • Approximately 75,000-100,000 Glossy sets were produced.
Full Set (factory): $40 (NmMT)
Full Glossy Set: $80 (NmMT)

1987 Fleer Update
Base Set: 132 cards
Packaging: Hobby-exclusive factory set, and Glossy "Tin" set
Notable Cards: Mark McGwire, Greg Maddux XRC
Other Notes:
  • Approximately 75,000-100,000 Glossy Update sets were produced.

Full Set (factory): $12 (NmMT)
Full Glossy Set: $15 (NmMT)

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