Saturday, March 22, 2008

Always Be Collecting: 1991 Fleer

1991 Fleer

Base Set: 720 cards (one series)
  • Pro-Visions: 16 cards (12 "blacks" exclusive to wax and racks, four "whites" exclusive to factory sets)
  • All-Stars: 10 cards (exclusive to jumbos)
  • Box Bottoms: 9 cards
  • World Series: 8 cards (exclusive to factory sets)
Packaging: 36 pack, 15-card waxboxes; 24 pack, 30-card jumbo boxes; 24 pack, 53-card jumbo boxes; 24 pack, 42-card rack boxes; factory sets
Notable cards: Pro-Visions inserts.
Other notes:
  • Responsible for the "Great Yellow Printer Ink Shortage of '91."
  • Largest Fleer base set ever.
  • Full-color backs for the first time.
  • All-Star inserts are a dead ringer for the '71 Topps Greatest Moments set.
  • Pro-Visions are, and continue to be, "The Shit."
Full Set (factory): $10 (NmMT)

1991 Fleer Update

Base Set: 132 cards
Packaging: Hobby-exclusive factory set
Notable Cards: Jeff Bagwell and Ivan Rodriguez RCs

Full Set (factory): $5 (NmMT)

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