Thursday, March 20, 2008

Always Be Collecting: 1982 Fleer

1982 Fleer

Base Set: 660 cards (one series)
Packaging: 36 pack, 15-card waxboxes; 24 pack, 28-card celloboxes; 500-count vending boxes
Notable Cards: Cal Ripken, Jr. RC, John Littlefield ERR, "All" Hrabosky ERR
Other Notes:
  • Arguably the worst Fleer baseball set of the 80s.
  • Just as many error cards as 1981, but with a dreadful design.
  • First card set with full-color backs -- beating Score by six years.
  • Debut of cello packs.
  • Waxboxes back down to 36 packs.
  • Team logo sticker replaced stick of gum.
  • Oh yeah, there's a Cal Ripken, Jr. rookie card.
Full Set: $50 (NmMT)

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