Thursday, July 31, 2008

Things That Cost $2000

For $2-Large you can buy....

...a Dyson G-Force vacuum cleaner.

...16.12 Barrels of light sweet crude.

...a hour with a "high-end" New York call girl.

...4.22 shares of Google. pack of Razor Oval Office Cut Signature Edition.


--David said...

Does Clinton's come with an Oval-Office Intern-Used cigar swatch? Or maybe a swatch of blue dress?

dayf said...

I heard some guy at a card shop discussing this, but I had no idea it was going to cost 2 grand a pop. You can get an uncut signature on an entire document for well under the price of a pack for just about every president except the ones whose faces are on a coin.

Gellman said...

First off, people will buy this. By people, I mean 99 people, because there are only 99 packs. Does that mean that those 99 people are not incredibly dumb? No. But it does mean that they have tons of money to burn and this is some thing for them. See the movie "Rat Race" if you want to know what I mean.