Wednesday, July 02, 2008

Video Box Break and Review: 2008 Upper Deck Series Two Blaster

Nope, I still ain't buying Topps.

One Blaster box of 2008 Upper Deck Series Two (paid $19.97 + tax)
Ten packs per box, eight cards per pack.

The Pulls

Base Set: 64 of 400 (16.00%)

7 Common StarQuest: C. Granderson, P. Martinez, "I", A. Dunn, C. Beltran, P. Konerko, C. Pena
2 Un-Common StarQuest: A. Dunn, D. Jeter
1 Rare StarQuest: Captain Cheeseburger Sabathia
2 Superstar Scrapbook: The World's Fattest Vegetarian, The Big Unit
1 Team USA: D. Espinosa
1 Presidential Predictor: Hillary & McCain

2 Yankee Stadium Legacy: W. Ford, Y. Berra

1 UD Game Jersey: D. Jeter


sruchris said...

Do some of the 2008 Upper Deck jersey cards have both the U and the D filled in with a piece of jersey? I've only pulled ones with the D.

dayf said...

I've only seen the D have the jersey swatch.

Anonymous said...

damn 3 Jeter's in one blaster

The Baseball Card Snob said...

Couldn't tell from the video, but the Jeter GU, is he in a home uni to match the striped swatch?

Pet peeve of mine, having the picture match the swatch

Chris Harris said...

He's pictured in his home jersey.