Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Topps Makes Amends (Sort of)

2008 Topps Allen & Ginter is now live and should be available at your favorite Hobby establishment. As noted elsewhere, Topps added a card of Kosuke Fukudome to TA&G, and he'll be appearing in all the remaining 2008 Topps baseball products.

The first of the Fukudome A&G's have hit eBay, and it appears to be readily available for collectors. In other words, it's not a gimmick card.

However, there's one minor issue: Fukudome's card is NOT numbered as part of the base set. And despite the addition of the omnipresent MLBPA "ROOKIE CARD" logo on the front of the card, this is NOT a "true" rookie card.

Given the flak received from this blog (and others) over the Topps Series Two Fukudome kerfuffle, Topps deserves some credit for actually listening to the collector. Fukudome was nowhere to be seen on the provisional checklist, and Topps added him at the last minute. However, would it have killed Topps to have slapped a "351" on the reverse side?


dayf said...

Thank God. Now I can buy my box(es) tomorrow with a clear conscience. They'll probably pull some other bullshit but I'll deal with that later.

Anonymous said...

I still plan on getting my boxes today.

Although, I haven't seen a mini of Kosuke yet. Maybe that is a SUPER SHORT PRINT OMGFUSLOL SICK!!!!!MOJO!!!!!!!FUKU-JO!!!!!! I OPENED 30 CASES TO GET THIS!!! pull.

Only time will tell.

To be perfectly honest with you, Fukudome and the Cubs are both piising me off since the break.

But, that doesn't mean I won't be jerking off all over YouTube if I pull a Fukudome mini, black border, nno, dna ballsweat ssp.

Anonymous said...

Perhaps you'd feel better if Topps decided to write some of that "pseudo-gangster" drivel on the back? LOL. I updated that post for you.