Thursday, July 24, 2008

1st Impressions: Stadium Club "SE"

Just when I thought Topps was starting to get its act together, comes this. Topps is bringing back Stadium Club. But instead of the "Stadium Club" we all remember, Topps is giving The Hobby another overpriced gimmick-infused product. (And you thought we were in a recession!)

Each $25 five-card Hobby waxpack will yield an autograph, a gimmicked "rookie," and a serial-numbered parallel.

Let me repeat that: each $25, five-card Hobby waxpack will have an autograph, a gimmicked "rookie," and a parallel. That leaves only two base set cards in each pack. (Good luck actually trying to collect this.)

So like I said, this isn't the real Stadium Club, it's more like last year's Ultra "SE." It's Stadium Club "SE."

To be sure, 2008 Stadium Club will get Joe Collector in a tizzy, and I have a feeling that Joe is who Topps is marketing SC-SE to. (I can only imagine Joe's reaction on the Beckett Boards when the sell sheets are finally posted.) But for the rest of us... Hopefully, Topps will follow UpperFleerDeck's lead and make a stripped-down gimmick-free version of Stadium Club for retail.

Street Date: November 3rd. More details as they develop.

(h/t's Wax Heaven and Fielder's Choice)


dayf said...

And they'll have boring 5 card retail packs with only base cards and a 1:500 chrome auto or something for 3 pucks a throw, just like Stadium Club Basketball. Nothing to see here, move along...

Gellman said...

Im still waiting for Beam Team baseball cards. I loved that set as a kid, but it was only basketball. This year they have it in football but they are all relics and autos. Same with BKB.

Remember, Topps is only making this set to make money, not to relive 1991.

Anonymous said...

They had Beam Team in SC baseball one year. I think it was 2001 or so.