Saturday, July 26, 2008

Gimmickry to the Tenth Power

Well, I guess it was inevitable. Rather than one gimmick card of a non-existent player, or a card of a player commemorating a non-existent milestone, Allen & Ginter has a whole team's worth of non-existent bullshit!

Randomly inserted into packs are a ten card set of fake 19th Century players called "Team Orange." Apparently, this Team Orange has something to do with that equally idiotic "Crack the Code" promotion.

I already know what you're thinking: "Who the fuck cares anymore?"

And in a related story, the continuing boycott of all Topps baseball products by famed card collector and cardblogger Chris Harris is about to enter its third month.


jv said...


That's just stupid...

tastelikedirt said...

Oh yes, team my baby's diaper.

--David said...

Wow, that is EXACTLY what I was thinking - WTF cares? :-)

dayf said...


Wax Heaven said...

The code and the team orange is pretty worthless. I'll let others worry about it, though.