Tuesday, March 30, 2010

The Only Poll that Matters.

Any "Best Blogger" contest that doesn't include: Ben Henry, Dinged Corners, Thorzul, SCU, and, well, ME is a joke.

Take a look at the list of nominees. I can honestly say that half of these cardblogs were unknown to me before this evening. I'm not trying to knock any of these guys, I'm sure they all have great cardblogs. But can you really call a site that has been in existence for less than two months the "Best?"

With that said, go vote for the Junkie. The man deserves to win something.

And if Dr. Wax Battle doesn't win for Best Video Box Breaker, somebody's going to die.

Now, go vote in the only poll that matters: The Tournament of Gimmicks.

Burdick Region Olbermann Region

Beckett Region Berger Region


Corky said...

How in the world can a blog with 12 total posts be considered the "Best Blog"? That is insane.

Joe S. said...

I thought this same thing actually. Didn't notice who was NOT included so much as some of the names that are. Oh well, doesn't matter in the grand scheme of things, not one bit.

JOEMLM said...

yeah this was clearly rigged or done for the reason of getting some free publicity, by leaving out genuine contenders and including inactive blogs shows upper deck has another motive... something smells fishy in denmark, or shall i say upperdeck

thanks upperdeck for looking out for your own interests upperdick and not protecting the card collector, your clients and customers, without us you would not survive!

Anonymous said...

Was Upperdick a typo or intentional? Either way, I laughed.