Monday, March 01, 2010

My Faith in Humanity (and the Cardblogosphere) has been Shattered.

Of all people. Et tu, Junkie?


Sean Benton said...

That is so terrible, but considering you did need a few he may have done you a service. Also, now that you've so many surplus Helton cards, you'll be able to re-Bip them (think re-gifting a la Seinfeld) without a dent in your own massive collection. Bipping as a sport seems to me such a fiduciary misstep: that is, unless you consider the entertainment it brings as value for the monetary investment.

dayf said...


Community Gum said...

Gotta agree with dayf here. You did, as they say, "ask for it."

Don't act like you don't secretly love it.

Post headline up for grabs: 1-2-3-4, Chris declares a Bip War!

Does this mean people should start picking sides?


sruchris said...

Did I hear there's a Bip War? I need to call in the heavy artillery now.