Saturday, February 27, 2010

Free Topps Codes from Dr. Wax Battle

So I'm home, and I'm bored, and make the pilgrimage to Toms River to see Dr. Wax Battle.

He shows me a box he got from Topps, digs into it, and hands me 19 of the Million Card Giveaway code cards.

Yeah, you read right. He just gave them to me. No questions asked.

Want to know what I got?

1980 Jim Anderson

1980 Craig Chamberlain

1963 Lew (Lou) Burdette


1972 Jay Johnstone

BTW, Temporary Insanity is absolutely frickin' hilarious.

1967 Wayne Causey

1972 Ron Woods

1979 Rick Miller

1977 Dock Ellis


1978 Ray Burris

1972 Larry Dierker

1966 Al Worthington

1972 Gary Sutherland

1980 Larry Hisle

1977 Dick Tidrow

1979 Bob Watson

1976 Cubs Team Card

1962 John Blanchard

1976 Roger Metzger

1960 Johnny Antonelli

Thanks a lot Doc!


sruchris said...

What else did you get? Surely, you didn't make the trip to see Dr. Wax Battle for a handful of free giveaway cards!

Steve F. said...

Why did you get old stuff and my sole giveaway card was a 2005 Kevin Youkilis?