Thursday, February 18, 2010

Latest Million Card Giveaway Pull

Anybody got a '69 Jim Bouton?


Unknown said...

I got that same card yesterday, a PSA 7 version sold for 79$ (plus 7$ shipping) last night. Here is to hoping these ones from Topps are in good shape.

Also only 3 of the O'Brien cards have been redeemed, the blogosphere contains 2 now!

Matt Runyon said...

Heh. I was just reading about Mr. O'Brien in Ball Four (I reread the book about every 2-3 years). Jim didn't like him very much did he?

dayf said...

HOLY CRAP. I need that card too. If you decide you are not going to pay to have any of these things shipped, let me know, I will trade you some very real cards with free shipping for the rights to your virtual card.

Community Gum said...

You have easily bested everything we've pulled form 2010 Topps with one card. Well done, good sir.