Tuesday, February 16, 2010

WAX BOX ASSASSINATION! 2010 Topps Series One

One Hobby box of 2010 Topps Series One (supplied by Topps)
36 packs per box, 10 cards per pack

The Video

The Pulls

Base Set: 251 of 330 (76.06%)


6 Gold (1:6, numbered to 2010) R. Weeks, R. Spilborghs, G. Gonzalez, K. Hart, R. Cedeno, A. Iwamura
1 Black (1:96, numbered to 59) HanRam/P. Sandoval/A. Pujols
1 Framed Silk Collection (100 cards, 1:373, numbered to 50) I. Kinsler


12 The Cards Your Mother Threw Out (58 cards, 1:3) J. Robinson, R. Jackson, T. Seaver, R. Yount, E. Murray, D. Gooden, G. Sheffield, C. Jones, C. Ripken, P. Martinez, R. Johnson, A. Gordon
1 The Cards Your Mother Threw Out Original Back (58 cards, 1:36) B. Gibson
6 History of the Game (25 cards, 1:6) Radio Microphone, Babe Ruth, Night Baseball, Babe Ruth, TV Camera, Interleague Play
9 Turkey Red (50 cards, 1:4) R. Howard, J. Bench, E. Banks, V. Martinez, Z. Greinke, M. Holliday, M. Kemp, R. Sandberg, J. Hamilton
6 Tales of the Game (25 cards, 1:6) '52 Topps, M. Mantle, C. Fisk, O. Smith, J. Hamilton, D. Ortiz
9 Legendary Linage (50 cards, 1:4) T. Cobb/C. Granderson, T. Speaker/G. Sizemore, R. Jackson/A. Dunn, S. Musial/A. Pujols, H. Greenberg/R. Braun, J. Robinson/M. Kemp, T. Seaver/R. Halladay, D. Eckersley/M. Rivera, N. Ryan/Z. Greinke
4 When they were Young (18 cards, 1:6) R. Doumit, R. Martin, R. Nolasco, S. Olsen
9 Peak Performance (50 cards, 1:4) B. Ruth, L. Gehrig, A-Fraud, G. Sisler, T. Seaver, D. Ortiz, D. Wright, R. Maris, T. Cobb


1 Peak Performance Autograph: M. Tolbert

Product Rating: 3 1/2 Gumsticks (out of 5)

There are too many inserts and not enough base cards in the set. The one-per-box autograph is not listed on the checklist -- nor is it listed on the back of the box. I like the design of the base set, but did we really need Russell Martin's baby picture on a card? Or another year of Turkey Red?

The Cards Your Mother Threw Out concept is great, but would have been even better had Topps waited a year.

And don't get me started about the Yan-kakke gimmicks.


Anonymous said...

I like the Turkey Reds. *shrug* It's likely the only think I'll collect out of the set.

Ben G said...

WAY too many inserts. I actually like the When They Were Young insert set though. If they had taken out Legendary Lineage, Peak Performance, Turkey Red and made Tales/History one set it would have been fine. And enough with the Topps Town! make it 1:3 packs. I have 1-3 doubles of almost every TT card and still haven't finished the base or any insert set.

Ben G said...

also. Hurry up and redeem. I love seeing what people are getting for their Million redemptions. Out of 15 codes i've already pulled 3 50's 2 60's and 2 70's cards

deal said...

There are so many inserts - I got worn out reading the summary.

If you really want to do the inserts spread them out over the 3 releases for 2010. Of course I am being silly, I am sure series 2 and ser 3 will have their own new sets of inserts.

JD's Daddy said...

I don't know where you are going to go with this set, but if you are willing to trade me those CYMTO, I would be happy to trade off on a subset that you like. Let me know!


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