Tuesday, February 02, 2010

UPDATED: First Images: 2010 Upper Deck.

UPDATED: Trader Crack's has discovered what the base cards and the "Celebrity Predictors" insert look like.

Paper Chase posted pics of inserts and gamers.

Yeah, I ripped them off of eBay. Sue me.

I still haven't found any of the regular ol' base cards. But I'm sure they'll be popping up soon.


deal said...

The box top and the Hamels card look pretty clean.

The NY logo on the Jeter Action photo is pretty obvious the Hamels one not so much.

NMCLax24 said...

Wow are the Hamels and the Jeter made to look like paintings? If so, I'm diggin it!

Anonymous said...

Still no checklist on the Upper Deck website, though. It is an interesting way to drum up interest in the cards, I'd say.

dayf said...

I'm diggin' it. Die Cuts, man! Wit' FLAMES!

MLB can blow their Communist monopoly out thier ass, this stuff looks good.

Anonymous said...


There's some on FCB, and I pointed to them on Field Level View

dayf said...

White Sox Cards got a blaster: