Thursday, September 18, 2008

Search Packs, Go To Jail

Courtesy of Sports Collector's Daily, and the Harrisburg Patriot-News.

"Cumberland County, Pennsylvania prosecutors have been compiling evidence in their case against 47 year-old Roger Lee Hooper, who awaits a preliminary hearing on August 12, charged with deceptive business practices.

"Police say Hooper used the eBay account of a former friend and fellow collector to defraud unsuspecting buyers out of tens of thousands of dollars through the sale of sports collectibles that were either tampered with or counterfeit. According to investigators, the bogus items included resealed vintage baseball card wax packs, fake autographs and counterfeit trading cards.

"Hooper has been charged with three counts of deceptive or fraudulent business practices, two counts of theft by deception and one count of dealing in proceeds of unlawful activity."

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William Noetling said...

Wouldn't you hate to go to prison and have to explain to your new cell-mate "Bubba" that you're in there for selling bogus baseball cards. would immediately be everyone's bitch I would think