Tuesday, September 02, 2008

The Original Cardboard Junkie.

Beckett reports that mega-collector Lionel Carter died over the weekend. He was 90.

"From that first pack in 1933, Mr. Carter was hooked for life. He began trading cards with the likes of hobby pioneer Jefferson Burdick and Charles Bray and acquiring cards through ads placed in early hobby publications. According to an article by Mastro Auctions, Jefferson Burdick sent Lionel a copy of the 1933 Goudey Nap LaJoie card #106. One of 10 copies Burdick received from Goudey after writing a letter to complain about not finding this short print in packs."
Yeah, that's right. Lionel did maildays with JEFFERSON FREAKING BURDICK!

Among some of his cardboard conquests:

1) Was the first to compile a complete set of '33 DeLongs.
2) Owned the only professionally graded Gem Mint (SGC 98) '38 Goudey Heads Up of Hank Greenberg.
3) A complete set of E-106 1915 American Caramels.
4) Professionally graded Mints (SGC 96) of '48 Leaf Babe Ruth and '51 Bowman Mickey Mantle.

Last April, Mastro auctioned off much of Lionel's collection for $1.6 million -- including $162,000 for the aforementioned '51 Bowman Mantle and $285,000 for the Heads Up set.

So as he heads to that Great Card Show in the Sky, rip a pack or two for ol' Lionel.


stusigpi said...

Wow, just wow!



dayf said...

Aw man... that's sad. Are there any connections to Jefferson left? Is every single cool person going to die this year?

Steve Gierman said...

What a great loss for the card community. Another true legend gone.