Tuesday, September 23, 2008

UPDATED: UD, Over the Limit?

UPDATE AND CLAIRIFICATION (9/23): Chris Carlin from Upper Deck wrote Stale Gum to clarify.

The MLBPA considers Upper Deck's flagship set and First Edition as the same product; which makes sense since First Edition is nothing more than a stripped down version of "real" Upper Deck. Therefore, UD Series One and First Edition count as one product, as do UD Series Two and First Edition Update.

Also, factory-set exclusive releases (such as Upper Deck Update) are exempt from the MLBPA's 17-product quota.

At last year's Hawaii Trade Conference (which was held in Florida, but that's neither here nor there), the MLBPA decreed that Topps and Upper Deck would be limited to only 17 baseball card releases in 2008. A careful analysis shows that, while Topps appears to be on pace, Upper Deck is scheduled to go over their designated allotment.

Stale Gum complied this information from products already released, sell sheets already issued, and pre-sell solicitations. Baring any last-minute changes, Topps will wrap-up 2008 with 17 baseball card products. However, Upper Deck will issue 20 products -- three more than the MLBPA allows.

(Blogger's Note: I have no idea why Blogger inserts a very large gap whenever I attempt to post a table. Just scroll down.)
List of 2008 Baseball Card Releases

ToppsUpper Deck
Topps Series One
Upper Deck Series One
Topps Series Two
Upper Deck Series Two
Topps Updates & Highlights
Upper Deck Update
Opening Day
First Edition
Topps Chrome
First Edition Update
SP Authentic
Bowman Draft Picks & Prospects
Bowman Chrome
SP Legendary Cuts
Topps Heritage
UD Goudey
Topps Heritage High Numbers
Artifacts/A Piece of History*
Allen & Ginter
FinestUD Masterpieces
Moments & Milestones
Ballpark Collection
Stadium Club
Baseball Heroes
Topps Sterling
MLB Documentary
Triple Threads
Sweet Spot

Ultimate Collection



* Since Artifacts and A Piece of History are, for all intents and purposes, the same product, I'm treating them as one.



jv said...

Where is Topps Finest and UD Masterpieces?

Do these sets go by another name that's already on the list?

Unknown said...

I miss the days when you either collected Topps, Fleer, or Donruss.

Anonymous said...

so what does that mean exactly for UD?

dayf said...

I'll bet Upper Deck counts Upper Deck 1, 2 and update as one set and First Edition and update as a second set.

I say Topps should interpret it that way also and give us a last minute Bowman Heritage set.

Joe Martelli Jr. said...

Wow,nice work. they should both strive to cut it down to about 10 apiece, and stop with oversaturation of game-used shit.

Tom the Ripper said...

I think that the continuation sets like series 2 of whatever, Heritage HH and BC all count as just 1 set, because you know there will be a Bowman Sterling, and probably something else from Topps like BB.

could be wrong

James B. Anama said...

I do think that anything with is sold as a series or has an update set (Topps, UD, Topps Heritage this year, UD First Edition update) counts as one set.

So that would mean that Topps has given us fourteen sets and UD with seventeen (by your count anyway with Artifacts and APOH as one set).

This means UD is done for the year, and Topps has three more sets to throw at us before the end of the year. Yay!!!


JayBee Anama