Saturday, September 27, 2008

What I got at The Philly Show: 9/27/08

The big news was that, after 33 years, the EPSCC sold out to Hunt Auctions who will relocate the show to Valley Forge. Thank God. The only thing worse that the 60-mile trip to Reading, is Reading itself. Seriously, what a shit town.

I arrived at 2:30PM, and for those of you expecting to meet me there, I apologize. I fucking hate driving the Schuylkill.

I did hook-up with Scott, and we bought a shitload of junk packs that we'll be reviewing on APAD.

Highlight of the show: Actually coming within 12 inches and a pane of glass from touching Steve Carlton's 1982 NL Cy Young Award and Mike Schmidt's '82 Gold Glove.

1 Waxbox of 2008 Goudey: $65
1 Waxbox of 1996 Leaf Preferred: $15
Stack of assorted junk packs: $25
Stack of assorted inserts/short prints: $77
Three packs of top loaders: $3

Total Spent on Cards: $185
Admissions and Tolls: $15
Grand Total: $200


Pastor Justin said...

Ummm.....92 Fleer Jumbos were like $1.99 when they came out. I believe that the price is shown printed on the packs that you even showed. Not $5.

Technicality, but 1992 I don't think a $5 pack existed in the hobby.

Chris Harris said...

Technically, you are correct. Those 1992 Fleer Jumbo packs have a $1.99 price tag on them.

But, they were selling for $5 almost as soon as they came out.

I know. In 1992, I bought a Fleer Jumbo pack for $5.

Pastor Justin said...

Really? I didn't have a hard time finding them in my small town at the grocery store. Oh well, back before the glory of Ebay I guess geographically those situations would occur.

Jawdy said...

Chris - I tried to reach out to you through a YouTube video but did not hear back. I have to know if you are a Strat-O-Matic Baseball player. I can give you more info on why I am asking. My e-mail is jawdy at comcast dot net. Shoot me an e-mail and let me know. Love the site and I am also a huge Phils fan and collector. Thanks!!

Pastor Justin said...

By the way. I know about supply and demand.