Sunday, September 28, 2008

Box Break and Review: 1996 Leaf Preferred

One box of 1996 Leaf Preferred (Paid $15)
24 packs per box, five cards plus one Steel "card" per pack

The Details

Base Set: 150 cards

Press Proof: 150 cards (limited to 500 copies*)

Steel: 77 Steel cards (one-per-pack)
Gold Steel: 77 Steel Cards*
Steel Power: Eight Cards (numbered to 5000*)
Staremasters: 12 cards (numbered to 2500*)

* Stated odds of finding either a Press Proof, Gold Steel, Steel Power, or Staremaster: 1:10/packs

Autogamers: NONE

The Pulls

Base Set: 75 of 150 (50.00%)
29 Doubles
10 Triples
4 Quads
2 Quints

Parallels: NONE

20 Steel
3 Steel Doubles
1 Steel Triple

The Review

So I was at the Philly Show and had $15 burning a hole in my pocket and bought a box of this garbage. Don't get me wrong, I like 1996 Leaf Preferred. It's just that this was possibly the worst collated box I've ever pulled. I pulled quadruples of Andy Pettitte, Juan Gonzalez, and Paul O'Neill and quintuples of Rafael Palmeiro and Kirby Puckett.

This was the premiere edition of Leaf Preferred and the gimmick behind it was that each pack had a card "printed" on a rounded 2 1/2" X 3 1/2" slab of solid steel. Unfortunately, the product didn't sell all that well and was re-tooled as "Donruss Preferred" the following year. Out were the Steel slabs, and in were tin packs. But that's for another review.

In addition to the horrible collation, I also failed to receive any of the promised inserts. There are four of them, and come at the rate of 1:10/packs. Steel Power and Staremasters are typical serial-numbered insert that was common in most mid-90s Donruss products. Gold Steel is a parallel of the Steel plates. Press Proofs are a parallel; however, you'd have to look closely to see if you had one. Other than changing the color of the foil stamp on the front from silver to gold, there is nothing else on the card that designates it as a "Press Proof."

The Bottom Line

The base set looks very nice. Bold colors. Vivid photography. And the one-per-pack Steel "cards" were unique.

I guess I just got unlucky with a lousy box.

Product Rating: 2 1/2 Gumsticks (out of Five)


Anonymous said...

awesome stuff. i saw you walking into the expo center when i was driving out of the parking lot. it was a good show.

dayf said...

You got a box of Leaf Preferred for 15 bucks? I know someone who bought a box of base cards in the late nineties for 50. One of these days I'm driving to Philly for one of these shows. The next day I'll probably hear from a divorce lawyer, but it might be worth it.