Friday, September 12, 2008

Blaster Break: 2008 UD Goudey

It's been a while since I've ripped anything new. Of course, that ain't all my fault. But I was in Target and found the last Blaster of UD Goudey buried behind a stack of 10 Opening Day and Topps Series 2 Blasters.

Base Set: 55 of 330 (16.67%)
(Five doubles)
Short set: 49 of 200 (24.50%)
2 Short Prints (201-230): C. Ripken, Jr., W. Ford
1 US President: G. Washington
1 1936: D. Jeter
2 Sport Royalty: D. Jeter, T. Bradshaw
3 Red Backs: D. Mattingly; '36 J. Santana; Sport Royalty Amy van Dyken

1 Berk Ross: R. Jackson

1 Yankee Tedium Lunacy: P. Rizzuto, for The Money Store


Both the Terry Bradshaw Sport Royalty and the Derek Jeter 1936 SPs have green-ink backs as opposed to black. For Upper Deck's sake, I hope this was an honest mistake and not a stealth gimmick.

I had no idea the Berk Ross inserts were that small!

I've now ripped three Blasters and every one of the mini parallels I've received were from the SPed subsets.

I pulled three Yankee SPs, a Mattingly mini, a Reggie Berk Ross insert, and a Yankee Tedium Lunacy of The Scooter. Dare I say it....



sruchris said...

I have some Goudey doubles and I still need a few. Let me know if you want to make a trade.

dayf said...

All the '36 Goudey cards have green backs, so that's normal. The orignal 1936 cards have black in on the back so go figure. There are two different levels of Sport Royalty SPs. 271-300 are normal Short prints and have black backs. 301-330 are extra short printed and have green backs. It's not a big sample size, but so far I've pulled 11 black back short prints and only 2 green backs (and they were both Tony Gwynn, grrrr)

You did really good on this box. Every blaster I've gotten so far has had three mini cards (or two minis and a Berk Ross), 4 short prints and 2 yankee stupids. I'm pretty sure the mini SPs are not short printed, I've gotten a bunch of them too.