Thursday, February 03, 2011

Rubbing Dogshit into the Collective Noses of all of Quebec.

That's essentially what Topps has done with this Manu-Crap-Tured Patch card.

Your eyes are not deceiving you. That really is a Montreal Expos logo on a Stephen Strasburg card.

(Let me pause to collect myself.)

With this, and the 41 43 (and counting) "Twink" gimmicks (more on those later); I am now thoroughly convinced that Topps no longer drug-tests their employees.


Grand Cards said...

--reposted from A Cardboard Problem--

I think that we're missing the point of the card. At least from what I can gather from the scans, this year's commemorative patches feature current players with a commemorative logo of their franchise's history. I'm not sure what exactly, but I guess that's for the back of the card to explain.

This no different than the David Wright w/ NY Giants patch or the Shin Soo Choo with the Cleveland Naps.

I think that we're so busy looking for "gimmicks" these days, that we're missing what may be a legitimate card concept. Not having one of these in my hands, I couldn't say for sure, but it certainly seems that way.

dayf said...

I hate Strasburg with the searing loathing of a billion supernovas, but I don't see what the big deal is with this one. Well other than the fact that MLB crippled the franchise in 1994 thanks to the strike before allowing Jeffrey Loria to completely destroy it while letting him move on to Florida and the Expos move on to Washington resulting in making the fans in three different baseball markets utterly miserable.

Other than that I think it's nice to see the 'spos logo on a 2011 card.

capewood said...

In 3 blaster boxes, I got two of these commemorative patches with Expos logos. Neither of them were Strasburg (Ian Desmond and Ryan Zimmerman). How many manufactured Expos patches does one need?