Monday, February 14, 2011

And now, a visual representation of all my FCB-Atlanta Show Purchases

To give you the indication of what kind of show the 1st ever Freedom Card Board National was, observe...

Those two cards on the far left represent all the cards from 1989 or earlier I bought the entire weekend. Not pictured a 1986 Donruss The Rookie of Bip Roberts -- that's already been sent out, if you know what I mean.

The middle stack are all the 1990s cards, and on the right the 2000s. If tough to find mid-90s inserts were your thing, then this was the show for you.

Not depicted: The autographed Michael Vick helmet I'm giving my dad for his birthday (please keep it a secret), an HTA box of 2011 Topps Series One, and a random sack of 2010 Panini World Cup stickers The Cardboard Junkie gave me, that I haven't even looked at.

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