Sunday, August 01, 2010

Your Guide to the Charm City, Part Three: What To Do

If you're coming with your family...

If you are traveling with your kids and want to take a day off from The National; Baltimore is full of entertainment for everyone. Best of all, it's all within a stone’s throw of the Convention Center.

National Aquarium – Located on the eastern edge of the Inner Harbor, the National Aquarium is worth your time just to see the penguins.

Baltimore Science Center – Just south of the Convention Center, this is a good place to kill a few hours. The kids can run around and play with stuff.

Babe Ruth Museum and Birthplace - Yes, The Babe was born here; and you can see the only known copy of his rookie card! Extended hours during The National.

For everyone else...

Camden Yards – Coincidence, or not, the Baltimore Orioles will be in the midst of a homestand during National week. Camden Yards was the first of the new wave of faux nostalgic/corporate welfare stadia; and still one of the best.

Ft. McHenry – Only a water taxi ride away, it gained an iconic status in American revolutionary history by successfully defending the Baltimore harbor from the British naval bombardment in the War of 1812, at which time Francis Scott Key was inspired by the tattered but still waving American flag on the fort to write the national anthem.

Mister Boh - The one-eyed, mustachioed, mascot for National Bohemian beer still watches over the city from his perch on top of the brewery where his beer (the best "cheap beer" in America) was once brewed.

Hampden - The Greenwich Village of Baltimore. Think of 36th Street as a John Waters film come to life.

The Freeway to Nowhere - If you look at a map of Baltimore, you'll notice that I-70 comes to a complete stop at the city limits. It wasn't supposed to be that way. It was supposed to extend to the southeast and end at I-95 with a spur (I-170) going into the city. They never built I-70, and only built about a mile and a half of the spur.

The Wire - Yes, they shot The Wire in Baltimore. Why not take a tour of all the places that made the show so great? (Not recommended after dark)

Larry Flynt's Hustler Club
- Open from Noon to 2:00am! $15 couch dances!

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Grand Cards said...

Natty Boh is the best cheap beer in America. If the Hustler Club is up your alley, you'll enjoy its surrounds. "The Block" is Baltimore's infamous sleaze drag--and right next to the police station!

If you're taking the light rail anyway, Mount Washington is worth a stop--it's like a little village in the city.

Also, The view from Federal Hill (the actual hill) is tough to beat--walking distance to the convention center--and the Original Washington Monument in Mt. Vernon is worth a stop too.

And, even though you'll be on your feet all day, it's worth noting that a number of Baltimore's excellent museums, including the Walter and the BMoA are FREE.

Enjoy Baltimore everyone, see you when you get here!