Tuesday, August 03, 2010

My National Itinerary

I sprung for the $119 VIP package, and will be in Baltimore for all five days of The National. I'm cutting out early Thursday afternoon as I have tickets to see the Union that night (they're playing the first-place Columbus Crew on ESPN2, you know.)

Here are my plans for the week, so far. I will be updating both Stale Gum and the Baltimore National Group Blog frequently throughout the week. I'll also be tweeting even more frequently than that.

If you have any plans you'd like to share, or wish to meet me in Baltimore, you know where to find me.


2:30 VIP Reception

4:00 Sneak Peek

7:05 Orioles Game


Noon-ish The National

3:30 Leave for Union Match


Noon-ish The National

Evening After Nat Party in Fells Point (TBA)

Saturday & Sunday


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Todd Uncommon said...

Sorry about the Union game. I watched the last bit of it on ESPN during dinner tonight (on the West Coast), and it was weird to see the Crew press so hard during stoppage time while they had the lead.

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