Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Card-ola: 2010 Topps Tribute (Dynasties & Rivalries Edition)

WARNING: This may very well be the single-worst box break I've ever had the misfortune of recording. You have been warned.


Drop The Gloves! said...

Geez, I think pulling a Lester, Cano and Dawson auto-relic is pretty good. Then again, I'm not sent free cards and appreciate the smaller things in life.

stusigpi said...

@casey, not when these boxes are $250, or as Chris says in the video $50 a pack. Those are tough to swallow. I think Chris actually takes a good approach here. He understands that people pay a lot of cash for this stuff. When you get it for free, those crappy hits seem not so bad, so Chris recognizes the "value" or lack there of for your average Joe shelling out the cash. Although I would say the Dawson is worthy.

@Chris What no Strasburg, Ruth, Kiner, and Pujoles 1/1?

Drop The Gloves! said...

I'm pretty sure you could probably get $50 all day long for the Lester in Boston and the Cano in NY. It's not like these are small market guys.

The price of the box is irrelevant; with any box, do you get out of it (value wise) what you put into it? I'd say more often than not, no. They are basically lottery tickets and we are all hoping to pull something incredible.

Shitty high-end stuff will continue to stay high-end shitty stuff until people stop buying it.

Spankee said...

Yes, because we all want an expensive product that requires us to travel to NY and BOS to attempt to get close to the price paid. And you wouldn't get 50, maybe 25 if you were lucky.

dayf said...

i just watched the trailer to The Shining right before this break. This was much more unsettling.

I just saw these packs at the local card shop for $54 a throw. If I spent that much and got a Jefferson Davis and a single swatch relic I'd set the building on fire. Tortoise & the hare is fine in the base set or A&G but it has no place in a high-end pack.

VW: makies
Add an a and you have a mighty fine webcomic.

Jay said...

Nuk, Nuk, Nuk

Woop. Woop, Woop