Thursday, March 05, 2009

Yeah, But Is It Real?

Steve Mendez has got to be the luckiest SOB in the world. Over the past three years, he's pulled autographed ones-of-one of LeBron James, President John Adams and Robert Treat Paine.

Now, this same guy pulls a one-of-one Babe Ruth cut "signature" out of a pack of 2009 Topps. That's four ones-of-one in three years. Pretty lucky, huh?

With what went down yesterday, the question must be asked. Is that even a real Babe Ruth autograph?

Well? Whaddya think?

(h/t Beckett Blog)


Wax Heaven said...

Chris, all do respect...

Why are you promoting Beckett on your site when they have yet to write a story on the Razor rip-off?

Anonymous said...

Who knows? I'm not really willing to believe in any of the cut signature cards at the moment.

I'll grant the benefit of the doubt on the stuff signed by players under contract, but there just doesn't seem to be enough of a verification process on the cuts.

Bluesky said...

how many cases does this guy have to open in order to pull all of those 1/1's?

TJ Harrington said...

That card isn't nearly as nice looking as it looks in ads. Who the hell centers the autographs in these cards?

dayf said...

Ok, every one of these mother fuckers are a 1/1. There's only one of them. The cut material is so goddamn expensive that each one of these cards *has* to be put together by hand.

Why the holy unmitigated fuck do they put a tiny little cut piece in the middle of a huge goddamn window. THEY ARE ONE OF ONE. CREATE A CUSTOM WINDOW FOR THE AUTOGRAPH SO IT DOESN'T LOOK LIKE ASS. They've undermined the whole cut-sig portion of the hobby with their shenanigans so it's not like it matters anymore anyway.


Anonymous said...

Here's a more poignant question. Why the frack are all of these 1/1's and cuts ending up at the same hobby shop in friggin NY?

Fuji said...

wow... this razor-gate... razor rip-off really screwed things up. the focus of my collection for the past 10 years has been autographed cards (pulled from packs). i never once really questioned the authenticity of any of them. sure... i remember reading about the auto-penned card in proline (i think it was jack kemp) and have probably heard of a couple of others here and there, however it never was a major issue to me. i figured, no company would risk their reputation by having fake autos in their products.

well... it's a sad day in our hobby... when we start to question the character of companies & products we've trusted for years (i know razor is new... but what about everyone else?). it's like being 4 years old and finding out your parents have been lying to you about santa claus. if they can lie about santa... are they lying about the easter bunny too?

one, two, even 5 fakes in the hobby and for some reason... i could live with that. but knowing now that there's a chance that hundreds of fakes exist... disturbs me. i wonder if any of the thousands of autos i own are fake. it's the first time i've ever thought about it. it's the first time i've thought about changing my hobby.

bul2 said...

Is like the prophet N.A.S. once said:
If I ruled the world... I don' know, I don' know