Monday, March 02, 2009

Insulting Our Collective Intelligence, One Gimmick at a Time.

The sad thing is, someone at Topps has convinced himself that collectors actually want these gimmicks.


Bluesky said...

this is getting beyond ridiculous.
Good gawd. Focus on making a good product and stop wasting time on stupid gimmicks.
I WANT to support Topps, b/c I like their flagship set this year and Heritage and I can't buy any more UD this year b/c they screwed me with 2 hobby boxes, but if they keep this up... Where do I go? Razor? Tri Star? :)

Offy said...

As a Red Sox fan, that is not a card that I want to see. As much as I love the trade that brought Beckett and Lowell here to win a World Series, I was really looking forward to seeing Ramirez in Fenway Park.

It stinks that I'm buying Topps product because I currently dislike them less than Upper Deck.

mmosley said...

I think blogging set collectors don't like the gimmicks, but I do think that the companies know that other collector types buy more low-end product for the chase. This might be a short-sighted question but Who brings the card companies more $$$, set collectors or the chasers?

deal said...

I think the Card COs. just want us to talk about the sets and cards. whether or not we say good or bad things about them - they like having the buzz.

and it works. look at us - we are all posting about the weird variations, like we discovered a 52 mantle or something.

The who cares respsonse to the Previous Glavine is the best.

Oh yeah variation --- Yawn

dayf said...

A shorter print variation of a short print. That's like, a pun or something.

Mark Aubrey said...

This is not new for Topps. See my post on the 1967 Topps Earl Wilson cards.