Wednesday, March 04, 2009

The New and Improved Philly Show. Be there!

Come meet Stale Gum's Chris Harris and a slew of your favorite cardbloggers and collectors at the first ever Philly Show at its new location.

Where and When:
The Valley Forge Convention Center
Sunday, March 15
Admission: $7 (free parking!)

Over 350 tables, and a crapload of autograph guests! Oh, what fun we'll have!

For more information on the show, and autograph guests go to the website.



SJ said...

I'll be there Saturday. Too much going on Sunday. Don't you dare get a photograph with Mr. Mays. Mr. Mays will not be there for photo ops!

Anonymous said...

Sports Card Info will be there!

Anonymous said...

The biggest thing I've never understood about shows are the autograph prices.

You can buy a Willie Mays PSA/DNA ball on eBay for $100 all day long.

If you want one at the show $269.

You can find one with "say hey" inscribed for $130.

At the show: $369

So, are you basically paying a $150 premium to watch him sign the ball?

deal said...

I'll be there Saturday - probably in the afternoon. definitely going to be lookin for some faux cut signatures.

SJ said...

I had a nice long walk from the car. At least a quarter mile each way. Get there early! -Scott