Friday, September 03, 2010

Want to complain about the "diamond-cut" Topps 206 minis?

Direct your complaints to this guy...

His name is Tom Mozeleski and his title is "Director of Manufacturing & Quality" at Topps.

And yes, this is a real, unannounced, gimmick card in Topps 206. (Notice how the "Director of Quality's" own card is perfectly centered?)

You have your assignment. Have at it.


sruchris said...

Now that's irony.

gritz76 said...

Tom Mozeleski to workers, "Yeah, I gotta go take that picture for that card thing, just load the minis up on the cutter, I'll be right back."

Workers to Tom, "Yeah, whatever. Yo toss me a Schlitz, he's gone!"

End scene.