Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Card-Ola: 2010 Topps Football

Part One:

Part Two:

Base Set: 269 of 440

7 Golds (1:5, numbered to 2010): J. Pierre-Parl, M. Pouncey, M. Hardesty, D. Reed, T. Pike, J. Skelton, Z. Robinson

32 Topps Attax (50 cards, one-per-pack)
2 Drew Brees Ring of Honor (1 card, 1:36)
4 Topps Reprints (20 cards, 1:9) A. Johnson, D. Marino, D. Brees, F. Gore
12 1952 Bowman (50 cards, 1:3) G. Tate, A. Rodgers, T. Tebow, B. Marshall, R. Moss, C. McCoy, B. Tate, S. Bradford, J. Beason, M. Turner, M. Austin, D. Brees
6 NFL Draft 75th Anniversary (50 cards, 1:6) R. Lewis, T. Tebow, V. Young, E. Manning, D-Jack, P. Harvin
8 Gridiron Lineage (20 cards, 1:4): Aikman/Romo, Dawkins/Berry, Dickerson/Jackson, Montana/Brady, Namath/Sanchez, Sayers/Forte, Smith/Tomlinson, Thomas/Spiller
10 Peak Performers (50 cards, 1:4): D. Bryant, P. Manning, R. Rice, K. Winslow, J. Dwyer, J. Mayo, B. Favre, C. Johnson, D. Clark, G. Tate
6 Gridiron Giveaway (1:6)

Product Rating: 2 1/2 Gumsticks (out of 5)

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Cardboard Icons said...

I liked how you mixed up the versions of Boyz In Tha Hood after the third loop of the original. Ha.