Wednesday, January 13, 2010

National Chicle Parody Card Entrants.

From Dave Landesberg:

"We knew Don was old, but seems odd..."

From Steve at White Sox Cards:

"Using Topps logic, I wondered what a card of Barry Bonds would look like if the White Sox chose him instead of Kurt Brown in the 1985 draft. Then, also using Topps logic, I would use a picture of his "Killer Bs" partner Bobby Bonilla."

From Beardy, these two entries:

"Figured it was only appropriate after yesterday's big announcement admission."

From Motherscratcher of The Achiever Card Blog:

"This is my first entry. It will probably be the last as I am an exceedingly lazy man."

From Mark's Ephemera:

"See what a hornet's nest you've created?"

From Greg Armentrout:

"Let's see, cards depicting a regular player and named a respected immortal. This should fit that bill."

From Gellman At Sports Cards Uncensored:

"Haha, this is how I think."

From Matthew Glidden of Number 5 Type Collection:

"Enjoyed your contest concept and just crafted one based on a Ty Cobb."

From Matt Stephenson:

From Jeffrey Wolfe:

And finally, from dayf The Cardboard Junkie:

"Drinkin' the Haterade and spittin' on artists... Imagine how miserable I'd be if I DIDN'T like National Chicle!"

"This one was inspired by Paul Lempa, the guy who painted the Chipper Ruth card, in a comment from this post."

Thanks to all who entered. The winner of the Chris Olds cut signature will be announced shortly.

UPDATE: Damn, I almost forgot about Phungo's entries.


Voltaire said...

Gotta say the Barry Bonds/Hank Aaron is my favorite.

Though, after thinking about it, I think I'm going to love Chicle itself. I actually think the concept really is pretty unique and cool.

SpastikMooss said...

Aww man you didn't get mine?

IMO Beardy's Bonds rules. That gets my vote. But they're all so damn good.

dayf said...

If Beardy's Bonds doesn't win there will surely be rioting in the streets.

beardy said...

I wanna win just to see how much that Olds cut auto will bring me on eBay.

But if I don't, that Tricky Dick McWilliam is pretty darned special.